Monday, November 15, 2021

2021 "Best of" Awards

Roll out the red carpet and bring on the trophy statues! It’s time for our first annual “best of” awards here at More Than Paper.  We offer tens of thousands of products in stationery and gifts, so combing through what we have to offer and casting a vote was no easy task. We’ve created some likely and also unlikely awards to recognize products that are outstanding in a specific category. Are you ready? Drum roll, please…
And the award for……. 
1.      Most Customizable Traditional Photo Mount Card” goes to:  Inline Beaded Border With Foil Holiday Photo Mount Cards.
This is a classy and customizable card -- what more could you ask for?  Gone are the days where you searched for a card to match your photo.  Now you can customize your card around your photo.  This Inline Beaded Border with Foil Holiday Photo Mount Cards is this perfect card to make your own this holiday season. Customize everything from the borders and foil colors to the message you want to be displayed. 

Holiday Photo Mount Cards by Sweet Pea Designs - Inline Beaded Border With Foil
2.     “Most Classic Photo Mount Card” goes to the Navy and Gold Border Holiday Photo Mount Cards.
Nothing says class and elegance like the Navy and Gold Border Holiday Photo Mount Card by Crane. With its gold foil, embossed details and rich navy cover, these traditional photo mount cards allow you to choose from placing your picture of choice either vertically or horizontally. You get to customize the message and the ink color for the inside imprint, too. Envelope linings in satin gold offer a nice touch.

Crane Holiday Photo Mount Cards - Navy And Gold Border
3.     “Best Scrapbook-Like Photo Card” goes to Chalkboard Taped Snapshots Digital Holiday Photo Cards
For a crafty DIY look for your holiday cards that are a touch whimsical, check out our Chalkboard Taped Snapshots Digital Holiday Photo Cards by Take Note Designs! These scrapbook-esque cards allow you to customize both the inside and the outside of the card. The washi tape motif adds a fun flair to the design and you can have up to 5 photos.  It is perfect for showing off your favorite 2021 photos! 

Take Note Designs Digital Holiday Photo Cards - Chalkboard Taped Snapshots
4.     “Best Unique Shaped Digital Photo Card” goes to Arch Shape Holiday Digital Photo Cards.
What’s one way to make your holiday photo cards stand out from the rest? The answer is simple; get creative with the shape of the card! These holiday photo cards stand out from the crowd with their beautiful arched shape. To finish the perfect holiday card, all that’s left to customize (after picking the perfect photo for us to print!) is your message and choice of ink color and typestyles!

Holiday Digital Photo Cards by PicMe Prints (Arch Shape)
5.     “Best Full Bleed Holiday Digital Photo Card"  goes to Aaron Happy Holiday Foil Digital Holiday Photo Cards
When you have that one perfect photo, this card is all that you need.  A “full bleed” photo simply means the printing of the photo goes all the way to the edges and really maximizes the space for the photo.  Bonus! These cards were made for customizing! Customization options include your foil for the imprint, an optional back pattern, optional colored envelopes, and optional envelope linings. We also love the beautiful rounded edges. 

Digital Holiday Photo Cards by Boatman Geller - Aaron Happy Holiday Foil
6.     Most Popular Charitable Card goes to Celebration Tree Holiday Cards
It’s no secret that the holidays are a time for giving and receiving. So, what if we told you that you could give back with the purchase of a beautiful holiday card? Good Cause Greetings donates 10% of each sale to the organization of your choice to help eliminate hunger, provide education, housing, medical care, and environmental assistance to people and animals around the world. We love this one! 

Boxed Holiday Greeting Cards by Good Cause Greetings - Celebration Tree
7.     Most Popular Interfaith Card goes to Pandemic Parody Interfaith Holiday Cards
The holidays should be celebrated regardless of whatever faith you practice. That’s why the Pandemic Paraody Interfaith Holiday Card is the perfect way to wish everyone a happy holiday season this year! Depicting Santa and a Rabbi having a glass of wine together while wearing masks just adds a funny twist on our current reality. 

Didn’t have time to take a family photo for the holiday cards this year? Don’t worry; Pen at Hand has got you covered! This card allows you total customization of the stick figures’ features depicted on the card! This card is available either as a flat card or a folded note upon specification. This is a great way to get personal without having to organize your photo for your cards. 

What’s the only thing better than a holiday photo card? The answer; a holiday photo card with foil! The best part, you get to choose the foil color from our wide assortment of color options. Don’t forget; you can customize your text to fit your holiday aesthetic! Foil has never been more popular than it is this season. 

Digital Holiday Photo Cards by Stacy Claire Boyd - Joyful Leaf
10.   Best Recipe Card goes to Icing on the Cookie Holiday Greeting Cards
This card really stands out from the crowd as something different. We love the Icing on the Cookie Holiday Greeting Cards from Another Creation by Michele Pulver! These cards feature an adorable illustration of a sugar cookie recipe on the outside of the card and a step-by-step guide to making these cookies on the inside. Talk about unique! 

Holiday Greeting Cards from Another Creation by Michele Pulver - Icing on the Cookie
11.   Most Art Deco Hannukah Card goes to The Papercut Menorah Chanukah Cards

Want to wish your loved ones a Happy Chanukah in the most stylish way possible? If so, there’s no better way to do it than with the chic Papercut Menorah Chanukah Card!  The folded ivory color card features a colorful menorah and the greeting, Happy Chanukah! 

Indelible Ink Chanukah Card - The Papercut Menorah
12.   Best Watercolor Holiday Greeting Card
We just love this Watercolor Pinecone Bouquet Holiday Greeting Card. Perfect for family & friends or corporate clients. Simple and elegant – and you get to select from the greetings shown or create your own.

Holiday Greeting Cards by Three Bees - Watercolor Pinecone Bouquet
There you have it! The awards have been handed out!  Did we miss any of your favorites? Be sure to let us know in the comments and check out our Facebook / Instagram for more featured cards.