Friday, October 31, 2014

Free Halloween Printables

Happy Halloween! We've rounded up some of our favorite free printables on the web so you can print a few out and decorate your home. Put one of these on your door and set the tone for trick-or-treating! Frame a few and place them on the mantel, the buffet, and around decorations. From scary to cute, there's something for everyone! Which one is your favorite?

Halloween Printable


25 Halloween Free Fonts and Printable by #Halloween #printable

A cute and FREE Halloween Printable perfect for mom's who have traded their broomsticks for Minivans ;)

FREE halloween printables #printables

20 Free Halloween Printables

More Than Paper would like to wish you a happy Halloween! 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

5 Holiday Must Haves

Today we are sharing a few of our favorite items for the holidays, which are fast approaching and we can hardly believe it!  These 5 things are for yourself to have on hand.  They make the holidays just a bit more fun, a little easier and all the more personal.  More Than Paper has a wide selection of these items, be sure to check them all out

Holiday Address Stamp:  What you put in your envelope is special, shouldn't your envelope also be special? Even more than that, a return address stamp makes getting through all those holiday cards much easier. More Than Paper has a huge selection of holiday address stamps, we love this one by PSA Essentials, but shop all of them here

Gift Stickers:  Gone are the days of going to the drug store for those icky labels. These personalized gift stickers are affordable and look great on packages! Shop all of our gift stickers here, we have hundreds from which to choose. 

Gift Tags:   Many people prefer the look of gift tags to gift stickers. If you are one of those people, check out our huge selection of hanging gift tags. They tie right onto packages (or bottles of wine) beautifully! Don't you love this whimsical tree gift tag

Wine Tags:  Are you headed to a lot of dinner parties or holiday parties this season? Stock up on a case of wine and order yourself some personalized gift tags like this "eat drink and be merry" or "Merry Christmas" plaid one. Right before you head out to a party, grab the wine and a tag and you have an instant personalized gift.  We love the ones that have room to write messages. Shop all of our wine tags here. 

Freezer Labels: You may think this one is strange or doesn't belong. Sure it's a little luxury to have a personalized freezer label, but if you are planning on doing a lot of baking or meal preparation for neighbors, co-workers, friends, as thank yous, and as hostess gifts -- a personalized freezer label dresses up your meal and makes it a little more special, and more personal! We love this one by Whitney English, or shop all of Whitney's freezer labels here

Let us know what you think of our holiday must haves and if you'll be stocking up! Happy Holiday Shopping from More Than Paper

Fall Fashion Colors & Stationery

At More Than Paper, we love spotting trends in the stationery industry. Every season, we see that stationery trends fall right out of fashion and Fall 2014 is no different! Some of our hottest stationery is in the hues of the hottest clothes. So what are those colors? Here's Pantone's Fashion Color Report for 2014. 

Spot any similarities in the stationery industry? 

Find these styles by clicking on the links below!  And shop all of our stationery at More Than Paper now! 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Monogram Jewelry

For over a year now, we've been spotting the monogram jewelry trend everywhere. From Taylor Swift to Jessica Simpson, Kim Kardashian to Christina Applegate, celebrities and non-celebrities alike have really embraced the monogram and namesake jewelry trend. So much so that we don't think we can call it a trend anymore! Wear your own name, your significant other's name, or your children's names... just wear it close to your heart and in style!  More Than Paper carries monogram and namesake jewelry in a variety of colors and they are available as bracelets, rings, or necklaces.  A popular fall trend is rose gold and of course, we have that too! 

Love it like we love it? Shop all of our jewelry at More Than Paper now! And if you need help with your monogram, we are happy to help or just refer to our easy monogram guide here

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Setting your Thanksgiving Table

With Pinterest these days, there's plenty of eye candy for Thanksgiving tablescapes and no shortage of ideas. From painted pumpkins, tall hurricane lanterns, pretty napkin folds, containers of gourds -- there are just so many ideas and ways you can set a beautiful table this Thanksgiving.  Which will you choose? 

Overall, we like a clean and uncluttered look that's pretty simple. With all that food making, it's hard to go all out on the table design, too! One of the things we love is personalized entertaining goods for this holiday.  More Than Paper has a huge selection of personalized napkins, placemats, bowls, plates, serving dishes, and favor stickers.  Check out some of our favorites! 

 Find these pieces at More Than Paper and use them this season to set your holiday table! 

Pine Cone Personalized Guest Towel by Boatman Geller / Yellow Turkey Placemat by Kelly Hughes Designs / Brown Turkey Placemat by Spark & Spark / Fall Leaves Placemat by Spark & Spark / Brown Favor/Gift Sticker by Boatman Geller / Turkey Sticker by Sugar Cookie Cards / Brown Damask Sticker by Boatman Geller / Fall Leaves Plate by Spark & Spark

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Thanksgiving Cards

This year, instead of waiting until the last minute for Christmas or Hanukkah, wouldn't it be fun to send a Thanksgiving greeting card instead? Stand out from your friends and family and do something different. Surprise them by being early with your picture perfect, wonderful holiday greeting and sentiment. More Than Paper has a wide selection of adorable Thanksgiving greeting cards, and photo greetings, too! Today we are here to share our favorites.

We love this traditional, fall looking photo card by Spark & Spark.

Spark & Spark Holiday Greeting Cards - Wishful Thanksgiving (Photo Cards)

Try this 3 image "Happy Thanksgiving" with a more whimsical style. Perfect fall colors! 

Spark & Spark Holiday Greeting Cards - Turkey And Trees (Photo Cards)

Very popular this year are cards with full picture bleeds. The card is mostly the photo with just simple text overlaid.  We love the simplicity. Make sure you have a very good photo for this one! 

Spark & Spark Holiday Greeting Cards - Thanksgiving Wishes (Photo Cards)

We love the bold and graphic nature of this one below by Spark & Spark. Happy Thanks Giving really stands out and there's plenty of space for a photo. 

Spark & Spark Holiday Greeting Cards - Thanksgiving Message (Photo Cards)

We love this cutesy design, too! The graphic of the turkey is adorable, as is the font. 

Spark & Spark Holiday Greeting Cards - A Thanksgiving Wish (Photo Cards)

All of these cards have matching return address labels, too. They add an extra special touch to your Thanksgiving cards. Don't miss them! 

So even if you don't choose to replace your holiday cards this year with a Thanksgiving card, consider ordering just a few. Try 12, 25, or 50 and sending them to close friends and family! A little thanksgiving cheer will really brighten their day.  Shop now at More Than Paper! 

Monday, October 13, 2014

European Vacation

Have you ever dreamed of taking a European vacation? Maybe you've been once or twice before but you are dying to go back. Or you're ready to explore an entirely new city. Where would you go? What would you do? At More Than Paper, we've been doing some research (and planning of our own upcoming vacation!) and developed a European Destination Quick Guide.  Through hours of research, we've narrowed it down to 5 cities that are top on our list. See if you agree or if they entice you at all! 

1. Amsterdam - Toss aside any prejudice you may have about this city for its Red Light District or laws on marijuana. Amsterdam is home to incredible museums --  from The Van Gough, Rijksmusuem (home to more than 8,000 works including Rembrandt and Ver Meer) and the Stedelijk Museum. Tour the Anne Frank House, the beautiful windmills of the countryside, or the expansive canals. Experience a true Heineken and learn about the brewery by taking the informative tour (a popular destination spot for non-drinkers, too!) 

2. Prague - An entirely different vacation experience, immerse yourself in incredible culture unlike others before. Spend time touring the Prague Castle, Old Town Square, Old Town Hall and Astronomical Clock. Explore traditional pub food and drinks. 

3. Barcelona - See incredible architecture at the Gaudi and the quintessential Gothic Cathedral. Explore art at the Picasso museum and works of Miro. Indulge in tapas, seafood and red wine.  A late night party city, consider hitting the town for a late dinner and drinks into in the evening at one of the fabulous night clubs - many known for indie rockers and live music. 

4. Paris - See the Eiffel Tour, tour the Louvre, Musee D'Orsay, Pompidou (modern art museum), Musee de l'Orangerie (filled with works of Monet's Water Lilies!), the Arc de Triomphe, shopping on the Champs Elysse... we could go on.  There's nothing quite like french food either. 

5. Florence - Speaking of food....the only place topping France in food is Italy.You must visit the Duomo, Michelangelo museum, Accademia Gallery, Uffizi museum, and Palazzo Vecchio. There are dozens of eateries not to be missed, you might find yourself eating much of the time you are there! 

So which one sparks your travel interest? Where will you go first? 

When you've decided, your tickets are purchased and it's time to go, check out More Than Paper's essentials for packing your bags! These must have items are sure to make that long plane ride better and keep you in style. 

Travel Neck Pillow / iPad / iPad case by Boatman Geller / Evian hydrating facial spray / Gone Girl Book / Vogue Magazine / Louis Vuitton Travel Roller / Cosmetic Case / Laptop Carry On 

Bon Voyage! 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Halloween for Adults

Halloween isn't just for the kids, you know. Plenty of adults all over the country get into the spooky and cute holiday, too!  And why not? With all the great costumes for adults, creative food and drink and entertaining options, it's really just another excuse to throw a great party.  Of course, More Than Paper has you covered with invitations, party accessories and ideas for food and drink for your adults-only Halloween party. This year, make it about the party (and not about the kids trick or treating!) 

We can't get enough of this creepy vintage skeleton invitation or this martini glass halloween cocktail party invitation.  We found this appetizer on Pinterest -- they are whole wheat witch fingers from Texan Erin Baking -- and had to share it with our readers. Can you believe those?! 

Get festive with your invitations or party favors and order some personalized address/favor stickers (shop a variety of choices found here!) Don't forget the napkins, too! (Customize them for Halloween, Fall, or Thanksgiving!)  Need some costume ideas? Head over to Party City where we found this flapper girl. 

For this drink with a fake spider and blood, head on over to Shape Magazine's website for the recipe and other fun and funky Halloween drink ideas!  

Happy Halloween, Adults! 

Friday, October 3, 2014

Unique Holiday Greeting Cards

Every holiday season, there seems to be a struggle to stand out when sending your holiday cards. Sometimes they all run together, and they all look the same (maybe they are the same!)  If you really want to try something different -- and we mean truly different -- More Than Paper has some great ideas here for you today. These are non-traditional holiday cards that will really knock your socks off!

One trend we are seeing is to go totally out of the box and consider a jigsaw puzzle card or even a crossword puzzle style card. This "connect the dots" card is also really fun and different. 

Still not different enough? We also love the hanging snowman/snowflake.  The card opens up to a beautifully cut snowflake that the recipient can hang. Your card doubles as their decoration!  Try a card with reindeer glasses, too! Little recipients will love wearing them.  We even have a 3-D glasses card that's great for sending along New Year's wishes! 

We adore this lotto ticket card!  It is interactive (your family and friends get to scratch off your wishes!) and would go well if you want to include a holiday gift of real lottery tickets to friends and family as well!  For our personal favorite, we just can't get enough of the card shaped as a cup, with an hot cocoa mix inside. (Yes, that's real hot cocoa!)  

So if you are tired of the same old - same old, look no further than these options! You are sure to stand out from the crowd.  Hop on over to shop holiday cards now at More Than Paper.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Hiring a Professional Photographer

You should be proud of yourself! No more bad Santa-selfie or "just-a minute-too-soon" timed photos. Not this year. You finally came to your senses and decided to hire a professional photographer for your holiday cards. And maybe this year you'll even get to ordering your holiday cards before Thanksgiving! More Than Paper is here today with a few tips on how to hire a professional photographer and great ideas for your holiday cards this 2014. 

A professional can take your ideas and turn them into a photograph that you'll not only want to see on a card, but also your friends and families will enjoy and treasure.  Now you have to decide what you want and who will do it.

First, think about the subject. Are you featuring a new child, your family members, a new pet, or new home?  Then, consider what you want to convey: a joyful greeting, heart-warming emotion, or friendly communication?  Or are you aiming for all-out laughs. Try to suit your personality. Or, for fun, do something completely out of character. Once you zero in on the subjects and sentiment, think about the type of photograph you like: candid or posed; formal or casual; natural outdoor setting, inside your home, or in the studio?  Color, black and white, or sepia? Digital or film? Props, costumes, color-coordinated outfits, or really ridiculous holiday sweaters? The photographer can also help you make these decisions and steer you toward a memorable result.
Set your budget and start looking for photographers who do the kind of work you like. As usual, ask friends or family members for recommendations, but do check out the photographer's work yourself. Look at an online or physical portfolio, meet them in person, and ask about the number of images, prices, and packages (there will be a big difference in both the quality and cost of your cards if the photographer handles the printing versus creating the cards yourself).  Also ask if you can have, or purchase, the digital image for other uses, such as a home portrait or for gifts. Check that the contract reflects this information.

Remember to ask how much time will be allowed.  This is a busy time for photographers, but you don't want to be rushed in the photo session -- or when sending out your cards. Book your session as soon as possible and confirm the appointment shortly beforehand. Then relax, revel in the season, and smile!

Here are some of our favorites at More Than Paper

iDesign Digital Holiday Photo Cards - Happy Everything (Happy Everything)

Checkerboard Holiday Photo Cards - Hearken Back (HLG-TBO-S)

Checkerboard Holiday Photo Cards - Greetings  (HLG-ESL-R)
Boatman Geller Digital Holiday Photo Card - Merry & Bright Color (24673)

Boatman Geller Digital Holiday Photo Card - Peace on Photo (24621)

Whitney English Digital Holiday Photo Card - Joy Classic Red (W23619)

Be sure to shop our digital holiday card collection with hundreds of new styles by clicking here!