Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Halloween for Adults

Halloween isn't just for the kids, you know. Plenty of adults all over the country get into the spooky and cute holiday, too!  And why not? With all the great costumes for adults, creative food and drink and entertaining options, it's really just another excuse to throw a great party.  Of course, More Than Paper has you covered with invitations, party accessories and ideas for food and drink for your adults-only Halloween party. This year, make it about the party (and not about the kids trick or treating!) 

We can't get enough of this creepy vintage skeleton invitation or this martini glass halloween cocktail party invitation.  We found this appetizer on Pinterest -- they are whole wheat witch fingers from Texan Erin Baking -- and had to share it with our readers. Can you believe those?! 

Get festive with your invitations or party favors and order some personalized address/favor stickers (shop a variety of choices found here!) Don't forget the napkins, too! (Customize them for Halloween, Fall, or Thanksgiving!)  Need some costume ideas? Head over to Party City where we found this flapper girl. 

For this drink with a fake spider and blood, head on over to Shape Magazine's website for the recipe and other fun and funky Halloween drink ideas!  

Happy Halloween, Adults! 

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