Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Lobster Love

There's nothing quite like lobster to eat in the summer in the Northeast. Maine lobster is ubiquitous, not outrageously expensive, and appears on menus everywhere.  There are also a lot of things that you can do with lobster at home.  From lobster ravioli to cheddar lobster biscuits (made possible by Red Lobster restaurant chain) to steamed lobster to lobster rolls, there are a variety of easy ways to prepare this tasty jewel of the sea.  You can steam lobsters, boil them, and grill them. Lobsters are quite simply -- delicious! 

Steamed Lobster via Better Homes and Gardens. Click here for a great step-by-step tutorial on cooking!

If you like lobster as much as we do, or if you know someone that does, More Than Paper has you covered with plenty of entertaining goods with adorable lobsters on them.  For the love of lobster, we have lots of lobster products in our store! 

We have bottle and can koozies, ice buckets and serving trays and of course, a wide selection of invitations and address label stickers. We also love these disposable placemats for lobster and clam bakes. Since lobster eating can be messy, just serve lobsters on these and then toss!  They look adorable on the table and are just $34 for 25 disposable mats. 

Boatman Geller - Personalized Placemats (Lobsters Red Preset - Disposable) (23018DP-preset)

Shop all of our lobster products at More Than Paper! Sadly, we know that summer is drawing to a close in a few short weeks. Go out with a bang! 

Friday, July 25, 2014

Preparing for College

Are you preparing your son or daughter for freshman year of college? Coeds head off to school mid-August and if you haven't already started thinking about packing, it's time to at least start preparing them mentally. After an entire life of being supervised with rules and expectations set for bed time, appropriate phone usage, what time to be home for curfew, how much TV to watch and how much junk food is allowed -- how will your seventeen or eighteen year old handle all this freedom in college?

Mentally preparing your student for college and talking openly and honestly are the best ways to ensure that they have a successful year. Once that dialogue has been opened, More Than Paper suggests you communicate these 5 points.
  1. School work comes first. Be careful to sound overbearing or like you are preaching, but gently remind your son or daughter that education is the reason he/she is attending college. We recommend explaining to your young adult that he/she will never again be surrounded by so many smart people pursuing an education, and be able to devote so much to learning. College, in fact, is such an incredible opportunity (one we wish we could do all over again!) 
  2. Eat healthy. Not because you fear they'll gain the "freshman 15" but because eating right fuels the body and brain. When your children eat the rainbow and eat quality, wholesome foods, they have more energy and brain power to master what they are learning. They'll feel better, too. 
  3. Live within a budget.  Have clear expectations of who pays for what, and how much your student should be spending each week or month and where that money should go. We like giving a lump sum with some guidelines, but letting students learn how to manage their money all on their own. 
  4. Get some sleep. Without sounding too motherly (which may be hard here!), remind your student that getting enough sleep is essential for brain function and staying healthy. 
  5. Have some fun.  (As if you really needed to tell them this!) This is the time in their life to really make lasting friendships, explore their interests and passions, and enjoy! What other time in his or her life will they ever have this much time to pursue what interests them? 
It's likely that you have raised your son or daughter to value or have learned all of these points anyway, but a discussion over dinner one night might help reinforce what you've already instilled over the years. We hope these are simple tips that will help making college prep easier. 

For a great packing list, see our post from last year with a helpful checklist.  More Than Paper has lots of school pride items in our store. Choose from pillows, artwork and other school pride items at More Than Paper in our College Corner! 

College Throw Pillows (University of Georgia) (1548-P)

College Throw Pillows (University of Michigan Go Blue) (2979-P)

College Football Locker Room w/Wood Frame - Ohio State (GC733)

On a side note, we must make mention that this is our 125th blog post! Thank you to all the loyal readers and followers who've made our blog a success. Share your favorite posts with us or let us know what you'd like to read about in our comments section!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Back to School Personalized Products

Please don't get mad at us for saying it but we both know it's true... The "back to school" frenzy will be here before you know it. (Groan loudly now!) If you are interested in some personalized products -- some cute bookmarks, notebooks, lunch sacks and more, More Than Paper has you covered with cute things that your kids will proudly sport to class! 

We love the school themed paper (1) perfect for writing lunch box notes to your little one or communicating with teachers.  Choose from a variety of adorable bookmarks (2) for your bookworm.  There are great ones for girls and boys! 

When it comes to personalized paper products, no one has a greater selection than More Than Paper.  We have personalized notebooks, personalized agendas and planners (3) that will make organization and note taking a breeze. 

These very cool personalized school envelopes (4) let parents check off what they are sending in to school. Check "lunch money" when sending in cash for lunch, a "note from home" and other communication essentials. They're something you never thought you needed but make all that paperwork a bit more fun (and so cute that your child won't forget to give it to the teacher)! 

Your kids will look great on the soccer field, sports field or just in the cafeteria with these personalized water bottles (5). We love how durable they are -- such great quality! 

Make pencil cases cool again (6) with these personalized ones

And who could forget the lunch bag (7)? We have a wide selection of lunch bags and sacks, perfect for your student.  For a selection of plenty more personalized back to school products, check out our website at More Than Paper

Friday, July 18, 2014

Letter Writing Etiquette

Okay, ladies and gents. It’s time to put the snail back in mail. Don’t get us wrong. Today’s technology is a wonderful thing and it’s a wonderful thing that it’s here to stay. After all, without the World Wide Web, we would not have this BLOG, our More Than Paper online store, and we wouldn’t be able to share all our fun stuff, creative ideas and info with you.

We LOVE the high speed internet highway. We couldn’t live without it! There’s only one thing missing in all of today’s trendy technological TERRIFICNESS:  The personal touch. More specifically: The personal letter.

You remember personal letters don’t you? Sure, you do. They’re the kind of letters that are written by hand by REAL people and then are hand-carried by REAL people who drop them into your mailbox presenting you with a pleasant surprise. They’re the kind of letters that are written on lovely personalized stationery that make you feel as though your mother or your grandmother or your best friend from college is standing right next to you. They’re the kind of letters that are keepers; the kind you tie with ribbons and open years and years later just to remember what it felt like to receive that personal touch.

Let’s face it: wouldn’t we ALL be delighted to find one waiting for us in the mailbox today? And don’t we all know someone who would BE delighted to discover tomorrow that the postman had left them more than a pile of bills and a handful of advertising flyers? Yes, ladies and gents. It’s time to put the snail back in mail.

The rules of etiquette have changed considerably since the days when letter writing was considered an art, but there are still a few guidelines for writing a person letter:
  1. A personal letter is a way of communicating between two people who are well acquainted and it usually consists of topics of a personal or friendly nature. Personal letters can either be printed or hand-written.  
  2. The first paragraph of a personal letter should be warm and friendly, asking about the recipient and giving a brief an introduction to the reason for the letter. 
  3. The next few paragraphs should elaborate on your reason for writing, as well as offer any details you may want to convey.
  4. The last paragraph should sum up the main point of the letter, thank the recipient for their time, wish the recipient well, and ask any questions.
So go ahead … grab a pen and some lovely paper and sit down and write to a friend today! Shop some of our favorite styles of stationery for the summer and year round. 

Boatman Geller - Custom Personalized Stationery (Cameron - Large Flat) (434+P03+A02)

Boatman Geller - Custom Personalized Stationery (Icon with Border - Flat Card) (107+C015+B09)

Boatman Geller Stationery - Whale Navy (#20703)

Prints Charming Note Cards/Stationery - Aqua & Green Stylish Chain (Flat) (SN1247)

Prints Charming Note Cards/Stationery - Blue & Green Elegant Floral (Folded) (SN1069)

Shop all of our stationery at More Than Paper and find the style that's right for you and bring back that snail mail! 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Encouraging Letter Writing from Camp

Getting letters FROM camp is fun – make sure to save them for future scrapbooks – but sending letters TO camp can be just as much fun and can go a long way to keeping your happy little summer camper(s) happy while they’re away. A newsy, handwritten note from home can brighten up a rainy day or add a smile to a sunny one by letting your camper know that he or she is missed! 

Here are 5 tips for writing fun letters TO camp this summer from More Than Paper! We think it will encourage a letter back from your camper! 
  1. Hand write your letter, and use personal stationery that will bring happy memories of home. Give the stationery and/or the envelope a spritz of your signature perfume and your letter will be just like a hug from Mom!
  2. Be cheerful.  Let your camper know that you are glad he or she is having a great time at camp, that you miss them, love them and that you will be happy to see them when they get home.
  3. Be curious. Asking yes or no questions – Are you having fun? Do you like your counselor? – will most likely result in yes or no answers in your next from camp, and you won’t get a true feel for the experience your camper is having. Asking specific questions will give your camper a reason to pull out pen and paper and a guide to follow: What is your favorite camp activity? What are you doing in arts and crafts? What are the names of your cabin mates? What’s your favorite lunch/dinner/dessert?
  4. Be chatty.  Fill your camper in on all the HAPPY news from home, being careful not to mention fun activities they might be missing or things that might make them homesick. You can chat about family, friends and favorite pets … and what fun activities are planned for when your camper gets home.
  5. Be Positive. As you close your letter TO camp, add a few words of encouragement. We know you’re having a great time at camp and we can’t wait to hear all about it when we see you on Parents Day! Love and kisses, Mom and Dad. And don’t forget to ask for letters FROM camp!

 Shop all of our stationery styles to use for your letter writing this summer! 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Visiting Day Gift Ideas

Are you headed to camp visiting day in a few weeks?  With all those weeks your camper has been gone, we know that you are looking forward to seeing him or her! The tradition of bringing favorite foods, goodies, new clothes, and small sentiments from home is one we love. We also love the idea of bringing your camper a gift that they'll continue to use after you've gone. (Since candy, cookies, snacks, and other contraband will be confiscated!) 

Bring your camper something they'll really love and shop from our great selection of camp products and gifts from More Than Paper. 

Choose from Personalized Rainbow Loom Kits - they're still one of the most popular gifts and hottest teen "toys" out there.  Or choose from Color War Clothing that they'll surely use when Olympics breaks out.  Your camper may love these comfy and cute Camp Pride Socks, too!  You can't go wrong with the fashionable and fun MOGO Charm Bracelets.  So what will it be? 

Hurry! Get your products in time for visiting day and be sure to shop More Than Paper now! 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Jewish New Year Card - Early Bird Specials

Rosh Hashanah begins at sundown on Wednesday, September 24 and it's customary to send Jewish New Year Cards until Yom Kippur which begins this year at sundown on October 3rd.  More Than Paper prides itself on having one of the best selections of Jewish New Year cards, and great deals as well.  Each year, we sell hundreds of beautiful personalized greeting cards to families that make this a part of their holiday. We love being a part of these family traditions!

For 2014, we have added a variety of new styles. Check out a few of our favorite new ones shown here today on the blog.  We are noticing a trend this season of bright and bold.  We are seeing lots of vibrant primary colors and bold graphics. Of course, if you are looking for more traditional styles, we have dozens from which to choose (shop all styles here!) 

For a limited time, we are offering free return address printing on many designs, and our pricing is always offered as a discount to retail pricing (up to 20% off). Visit the site for more details on specific products. As always, email us if you have any questions at info(at)morethanpaper(dot)com.  Be sure to tell us what your favorite styles are and be sure to place your order early to take advantage of our early bird discounts. 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

How To Have a Relaxed and Happy 4th of July

It's the 4th of July! Summer is in full swing, school is out, work is closed, and it's time to relax with family and friends.  The stress of planning a great holiday can be avoided with a few simple tips. Follow these 4 ideas for a happy and relaxed 4th of July from More Than Paper
  1. Don't cook. Unless it's something you really love to do, take the stress and pressure off by ordering from your local supermarket.  Get a party platter with sandwiches, veggies, fruit, and make it a one-stop trip and pick up those adorable bakery cupcakes or pies. 
  2. Plan ahead.  If you are cooking, making desserts or specialty drinks, plan ahead. Make a list and check off as much as possible the day before, doing as much prep work as you can. Packing a picnic? Don't save packing it for last minute. Locate all your supplies (blanket, cutlery, napkins), food, drinks and more hours before it's time to leave for fireworks to avoid that last minute rush and saying -- "where the heck is that blanket?"
  3. Plan for downtime.  With parades, local activities, plans to go to the beach or pool, cookout parties and fireworks -- it can be an action packed day. Recognize you can't do it all and choose a few of those things  Make sure your day includes some "downtime" to just relax at home.  If you have younger kids, make sure they get a nap in before fireworks. 
  4. Make your own fireworks show.  If you have young kids who won't be able to make it up for fireworks (usually after 9 pm in most parts of the country!), host your own "fireworks" show. Get sparklers and confetti poppers and hold your own backyard party. Younger ones won't know the difference but still get to have some 4th of July fun! 

More Than Paper wishes you a happy, relaxed and safe Independence Day! Check out our website to see what's new for summer entertaining, camp, stationery and more! 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Beach Bag Style

If your summer plans include hitting the beach, this post is for you!  More Than Paper has a huge selection of personalized beach bags, tote bags, jute bags, and canvas bags that are perfect for hauling all your beach gear in style.  We have a checklist of items to be sure to include too -- just so your summer beach trips are perfect. 

Your checklist is simple, really.  You can't forget your sunglasses, beach hat, sunscreen and your reading materials (whatever magazines or great books you are reading!)  We suggest leaving your iPhone at home -- go tech free! No matter what you fill it with, here are some beach bag options that we have at More Than Paper. 

Lightweight and they clean up easy, we like these casual and easy bags that double as a cooler. 

Great for on the beach and off the beach, these bags are fashionable and functional. 
You can't go wrong with this Southampton Jute.  Run errands and do your shopping with it all summer long. We love the colorful accents. 

This sturdy and versatile bag works all year round. Personalize it as you choose! Comes in light blue, lime green, or hot pink. 

This super lightweight bag is simply perfect for the beach! A great price, too! 

All of the bags are classic, so they will look great year after year! This summer, get a new beach bag and hit the beach with your favorite things inside.  Happy Summer from everyone here at More Than Paper