Friday, May 30, 2014

Tech Savvy and Literary Gifts for Dad

We are back with another edition of our Father's Day gift guide!  Today we have gifts for Dad who are tech savvy or literary lovers! What's your Dad's style? Choose from these great gifts, shop all these ideas! 

For the tech savvy Dad, try a (1) laptop sleeve by Boatman Geller or (2) nautical cell phone case also by Boatman Geller.   We love this trendy yet (3) classic iPad case by Boatman Geller, as well, perfect for Dad who has his iPad on the go and needs to protect it in style.  You really can't go wrong with (4) Apple TV, an educational (5) CSS/HTML book, or an (6) iPad mini itself.  Lastly for the techie, we have (7) monogram and personalized mousepads that Dad is sure to love on his desk. 

When it comes to the "literary lover Dad", More Than Paper has a great selection of gifts and ideas.  Choose from a best seller like (8) The Target, or a (9) geek-style address stamp from More Than Paper.  We also love these (10) glasses, this (11) initial note pad by Boatman Geller, (12) personalized letterpress stationery also by Boatman Geller, or a (13) luxurious pen.  

So what gifts will you choose for Dad this year? What's his style? We'd love to hear what your favorite ideas are! 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Golfing and Grilling Gifts for Dad

With Mother's Day behind us, it's time to start thinking about the next holiday for gift giving: Father's Day! Our husband has worked really hard this year and truly is a wonderful Dad so we are on the look out for ways to make him feel special and appreciated.  It doesn't hurt to indulge and splurge on him a little also in two of his favorite hobbies: golf and grilling.  

We've rounded up some cool gift ideas for Dad here for the golfer and the griller. Find all these great products here, some at More Than Paper and some other places on the web. 

(1) Boatman Geller Personalized Golf Drink Koozie  (2) Personalized Golf Shoe Bag  (3) Boatman Geller Personalized Golf Mouse Pad  (4) Boatman Geller Personalized Golf Mug  (5) Golf shirt (6) The Spice Lab Grilling Spices (7) Grilling and Barbecue Book (8) Lowball Pub Glass Set (9) Ultimate Grilling Tool Set

We will bring you some more Father's Day gifts later on in the week!  If you need something for the tech lover or literary fanatic, we've got you covered there too.   

Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day!

We'd like to wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day from everyone here at More Than Paper! While today is the official kick start for summer, a day to spend at the beach or grilling in your backyard, we also know that today is about honoring all the brave men and women who serve our country.  We truly appreciate all that they do and thank them for their service! We love this print found on Pinterest from Mine for the Making, true isn't it? 

Print Credit:
Have a happy and safe Memorial Day Holiday! 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Plan a summer vacation

We're halfway through May and Summer 2014 is upon us! Are you planning a summer vacation with your family? Whether you get in your car and get away for the weekend, or you fly somewhere exotic for a week, the value of a summer getaway can not be overstated.  Refreshing for the mind, a getaway allows us to recharge and make lasting family memories.

More Than Paper has you covered with ideas for everything you need to travel in style.  We have a variety of personalized goods and must-haves for any adventure you take. From a trip to Disney World with the kids to a trip to the mountains with your husband, we know it's fun to travel in style.  Here's your official passport to summer style and leisure...

Look for some of our favorite things to travel with here:

(1) Ray-Ban Sunglasses (2) Personalized Beach Flip Flops by Paper So Pretty (3) Personalized Luggage Tags by Boatman Geller (4) Orphan Train - must read book for summer! (5) Personalized Accessory Bags (6) Beach Bag by Zoubaby  (7) JCrew Maxi Dress (8) Louis Vuitton Luggage

What summer travel plans do you have? We'd love to hear! 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Camp Pride Giveaway

More Than Paper is excited to be doing a giveaway on our Facebook page

Show your camp pride by answering: "What camp do your kids attend or what camp did you go to? 

Let us know by commenting below or posting a picture of your child's camp to our Facebook page.  Each comment and each photo will be entered to win a package of camp stationery. Ends 5/16 so comment now! Click here to comment on the post. 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Hostess Gift Etiquette Defined

Through the years our weekends have certainly changed.  There were the college years (and post-college years...) where our weekends were spent at restaurants and bars.  Then there were the early years with kids, where our weekends were spent going to bed by 9 pm, or falling asleep on the couch, barely making it through a movie.  But as the kids have gotten older, we are getting our mojo back in a whole new way.  It's the dinner party! 

The dinner party is a wonderful way to spend time with friends while the kids play together (in another room...away from us....sometimes they join for a quick bite to eat!)  When you get invited to a dinner party, should you bring a gift?  What's the etiquette on bringing hostess gifts?  

More Than Paper is here to help define when you should, and when you can skip, bringing a hostess gift to a dinner party, or any party for that matter. 

  • If there is a printed invitation that was sent in the mail 
  • If you are the guest of honor. If someone is throwing you a party, bring that person a gift as a thank you
  • If there is a guest of honor, such as someone birthday or anniversary. Bring a small gift for the host throwing the party AND a gift for the guest of honor
  • If it's the first time you are visiting the person's home 
  • If you are staying overnight/out of town weekend trips 
  • During the holidays 
  • If it's a housewarming party 

SKIP THE HOSTESS GIFT:  (But ALWAYS write a thank you note!) 
  • If it's a regularly occurring group, such as a supper club, or close friends that you see often
  • If you have been asked to bring food and wine 
  • If it's a last minute group ensemble and you get invited via text or quick call
Always remember to write a note to the host or hostess! 

Boatman Geller - Rainbow Thank You Birth Announcements/Invitations (#22218)

Here are some ideas for hostess gift giving this spring and summer. We love bringing items that people can use for entertaining.  Other ideas are a bottle of wine, nuts, candies, homemade canned goods (jams or jellies), cookies or other food items. 

Find all these great hostess gift ideas here and let us know what you think! 

1) Wine Tags by Three Designing Women (stamp or write in!)  2)  Serving Tray by Kelly Hughes Designs 3)  Pub Glasses by Chatsworth 4) Napkins by Classic Impressions.  5) Personalized Candle 

Friday, May 9, 2014

Baby Gift Etiquette

These days it may feel like you need a gift for every occasion.  By the time your best friend is having a baby, it's likely that you've celebrated (and given gifts for) many of her birthdays, engagement, bridal shower,  and wedding.  Some time has passed and now it's time for baby. Do you give a gift when you hear she's pregnant? At the baby shower? Do you give a gift when she's in the hospital or when the baby comes home? So many gift giving opportunities all get to be a little bit overwhelming. 

How do you balance your desire to shower your friend with love and affection for her baby, but also keep things under budget?  More Than Paper is here to help.   

As soon as you learn of your friend's pregnancy, send her a card or personal note on your stationery. (Or try a box of letterpress baby clothes line stationery by Crane like the one shown below.)  Be honest, sincere, and express your excitement for her new and growing family. Save your gift giving until the shower.  

Crane Boxed Stationery Sets - Letterpress Clothesline Note - CF1411

When it comes time for the Baby Shower, we recommend giving a registry gift if it's her first baby, and a more "fun" gift for subsequent babies.  Second and third babies often don't need a stroller or car seat, but Mom will appreciate personalized goodies like bibs, place mats or trays. 

Many times that will suffice as far as a gift goes.  But you may want to bring flowers or a card to the hospital when you visit.  A personalized onesie that doesn't break the bank is also a fun, inexpensive gift to meet baby with (assuming you know the gender and name!) 

Pen At Hand Stick Figures - Infant Creeper (Daddy's Girl)

Remember that your friend will appreciate your support and help more than any gift you buy after the baby is born.  All those hormones after birth can really be difficult to manage. Drop a note in the mail to her every few weeks, be sure to call her frequently (even if she is too busy to answer), and shoot her texts asking about baby.  Letting her know you care is worth everything in the world! 

Shop everything you need for baby gifting at More Than Paper! 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Trend Alert: Italian Marble Stationery

As always, More Than Paper is on the look out for what's new in stationery and we are back today to share our finds!  The "Italian Marble" look seems to be popping up everywhere from TV segments to the web, and people everywhere are embracing this trend.

Vibrant marble borders add an artistic flair and bring a polished look to correspondence by Classic Impressions. Your personalization gets blind embossed on the 110# paper.  (Just a note: 110# paper is pretty thick!)  The flat cards are available in a variety of border colors and white or cream paper.

Blind embossing is a beautiful and subtle detail and a great way to have stationery personalized. The text is stamped to create relief printing, so there's a texture. We love how elegant it looks. Shop this new Italian marble stationery trend at More Than Paper and let us know what you think!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Mother's Day Appreciation Note

At More Than Paper, we have plenty of gift ideas for Mother's Day but also have a recommendation that Mom will cherish forever.  Take 10 or 15 minutes to sit down and write Mom a handwritten note on your personal stationery.  In the note, specifically tell her why you appreciate her and all that she does for you. This expression of gratitude for Mom is sure to warm her heart. 

Stationery by Boatman Geller

Have trouble starting out?  Think about a time that was particularly difficult for you in your life. Recall how your Mom was supportive, or helped you through it. Reflect on how your Mom has shaped your life -- from your good manners to sportsmanship, winning smile to your artistic talents -- demonstrate something concrete in your letter. The more specific you can be, the better the note will be. This note requires a considerable amount of thought, which is why it's extra special. 

More Than Paper has plenty of personalized stationery choices for this occasion and all the others in your life.   Here are some of our favorite styles!  Or shop here for all of our adult stationery by Boatman Geller. 

For a whimsical note in the Spring or Summer, choose this one by Boatman Geller

Boatman Geller Stationery - Bicycle (#20708)

We love this brand new Suzani Gold flat card, also by Boatman Geller, for Spring 2014.  

Boatman Geller Stationery - Suzani Gold (Flat) (#24400)

For the monogram lover, this pink, green and orange combo by Boatman Geller is perfect for Spring and Summer.   Add your name at lower right corner for additional personalization!

Boatman Geller Stationery - Dottie Tangerine & Raspberry (Flat) (#24205)

We adore this new style and trendy "Hello Gorgeous" note card from Boatman Geller, which features handlettering by artist, Erin Barrett. Personalize it to make it yours. 

Boatman Geller Stationery - Hello Gorgeous - Custom (Folded) (#24356+P02)

Another popular pattern is the New England inspired Lobster stationery from Boatman Geller.  This pattern never goes out of style.  This one here is a classic pattern.

Boatman Geller Stationery - Lobster Repeat Large Flat Cards (H) (#20426)

And here is a new design from Boatman Geller's recently released 2014 Everyday Collection.  We love the mix of modern and New England styles here:

There are plenty of great choices for the season that fit all of your occasions.  What's your favorite style? We'd love to hear. Tell us here on our blog or on Facebook, too -- what makes your Mom special? Will you be writing her a special note this Mother's Day? 

Friday, May 2, 2014

Teacher Gift Ideas

It's hard to believe that it's time to start thinking about the school year ending. In the south, there are just three weeks left until school gets out for summer.  Northern schools have a few weeks after that.  More Than Paper is here today with gift ideas for your children's teachers.  They work so hard all year long that we think a small personalized gift shows your appreciation.  Here are just a few ideas!

We love these (1) whimsical school bus note cards for writing thank you notes or (2) personalized lunch sacks by Pen at Hand.  Try a (3) personalized apple for the teacher picture frame, or (4) personalized clipboards.  For more ideas, choose from a (5) personalized stamp (great for stamping insides of books or creating your own stationery and note pads) or choose from a variety of (6) bookmarks at More Than Paper.

We also love this "Best Cookies Ever" in a personalized jar tied with ribbon. Makes a great "best teacher ever" gift!  

We also love these personalized drink acrylic cups, that you can fill with candies.  When they are done, teachers use them year round to fill up!

How will you honor your children's teacher this year? Try these great ideas and plenty more found at More Than Paper and share what your teacher has done for your child, too!