Friday, May 2, 2014

Teacher Gift Ideas

It's hard to believe that it's time to start thinking about the school year ending. In the south, there are just three weeks left until school gets out for summer.  Northern schools have a few weeks after that.  More Than Paper is here today with gift ideas for your children's teachers.  They work so hard all year long that we think a small personalized gift shows your appreciation.  Here are just a few ideas!

We love these (1) whimsical school bus note cards for writing thank you notes or (2) personalized lunch sacks by Pen at Hand.  Try a (3) personalized apple for the teacher picture frame, or (4) personalized clipboards.  For more ideas, choose from a (5) personalized stamp (great for stamping insides of books or creating your own stationery and note pads) or choose from a variety of (6) bookmarks at More Than Paper.

We also love this "Best Cookies Ever" in a personalized jar tied with ribbon. Makes a great "best teacher ever" gift!  

We also love these personalized drink acrylic cups, that you can fill with candies.  When they are done, teachers use them year round to fill up!

How will you honor your children's teacher this year? Try these great ideas and plenty more found at More Than Paper and share what your teacher has done for your child, too!

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