Friday, May 9, 2014

Baby Gift Etiquette

These days it may feel like you need a gift for every occasion.  By the time your best friend is having a baby, it's likely that you've celebrated (and given gifts for) many of her birthdays, engagement, bridal shower,  and wedding.  Some time has passed and now it's time for baby. Do you give a gift when you hear she's pregnant? At the baby shower? Do you give a gift when she's in the hospital or when the baby comes home? So many gift giving opportunities all get to be a little bit overwhelming. 

How do you balance your desire to shower your friend with love and affection for her baby, but also keep things under budget?  More Than Paper is here to help.   

As soon as you learn of your friend's pregnancy, send her a card or personal note on your stationery. (Or try a box of letterpress baby clothes line stationery by Crane like the one shown below.)  Be honest, sincere, and express your excitement for her new and growing family. Save your gift giving until the shower.  

Crane Boxed Stationery Sets - Letterpress Clothesline Note - CF1411

When it comes time for the Baby Shower, we recommend giving a registry gift if it's her first baby, and a more "fun" gift for subsequent babies.  Second and third babies often don't need a stroller or car seat, but Mom will appreciate personalized goodies like bibs, place mats or trays. 

Many times that will suffice as far as a gift goes.  But you may want to bring flowers or a card to the hospital when you visit.  A personalized onesie that doesn't break the bank is also a fun, inexpensive gift to meet baby with (assuming you know the gender and name!) 

Pen At Hand Stick Figures - Infant Creeper (Daddy's Girl)

Remember that your friend will appreciate your support and help more than any gift you buy after the baby is born.  All those hormones after birth can really be difficult to manage. Drop a note in the mail to her every few weeks, be sure to call her frequently (even if she is too busy to answer), and shoot her texts asking about baby.  Letting her know you care is worth everything in the world! 

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