Monday, September 30, 2013

Personalized Soap

More Than Paper is pleased to introduce a new weekly blog feature: Gift inspiration of the week!    Each week, we will introduce you to one great product at our store.  With over 20,000 products at More Than Paper, this could be a real challenge for us to choose just one! But there are so many great gifts that we are inspired by, we can't wait to share our recommendations with you!

So what's up first?  It's something that you would never buy for yourself so it's a perfect gift. This personalized soap set is great for hostess, housewarming, bridal or birthday.  In addition to 3 personalized soaps, the set comes with 12 linen-like personalized white guest towels in a beautiful gift box ready for gift giving!  

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Each Vermont-made soap bar is a generous 3 or 4 ounces, individually personalized and intricately carved.  The soap is 100% vegetable based and it's triple milled for a luxurious lather.   It has a gentle yet intoxicating scent.  You can choose from three different aromas: Aqua Mineral (water-based, simple, gentle & clean - safe for sensitive skin and noses), Verbena (known for its uplifting, relaxing and soothing qualities) or Honey Almond (known for its balancing and relaxing.)  The set is normally $35.00, but we are selling it for just $31.50. 

While we know you don't really need monogrammed soap, that's what makes this gift extra special.  Head on over to More Than Paper now to shop this monogrammed soap and towel gift set

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Spiced Bourbon Cocktail Recipe

Photo by More Than Paper

In the south, it stays hot for much of the fall, so it is a challenge to come up with a cool and refreshing cocktail that also embraces the traditional flavors of the season.  This spiced bourbon cocktail satisfies anyone's desire for a cool drink on a fall day.  Serve it with a personalized coaster and be the hostess with the mostess this season!  Enjoy. 

Spiced Bourbon Cocktail Recipe 

  • 2 oz. Blanton's Bourbon
  • 2 oz. easy homemade cinnamon simple syrup:  Boil 1 cup sugar, 1 cup water, 1/2 tsp. of cinnamon, 1/2 tsp. of nutmeg, 1/2 tsp. of vanilla extract and 1/2 tsp. of ginger. Simmer. Let it cool completely before adding to your drink! 
  • In a cocktail shaker, shake the bourbon and simple syrup mixture well with ice 
  • Add 2 oz. of ginger ale and the shaken mixture to a large cup of ice 
  • Garnish with a sprig of mint and fresh raspberry 

Serve on a personalized coaster like this one from Queen Bee Coasters!  We love the chalkboard trend. 

Queen Bee Coasters - Chalk Kraft (CS-03)

Or serve your Spiced Bourbon Cocktail on these cute personalized coasters from Boatman Geller!

Boatman Geller - Personalized Coasters (Herringbone Chocolate Preset) (CO60-preset)

Or choose from over 400 other styles and varieties of personalized coasters at More Than Paper here! So what's your favorite fall cocktail? 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

An easy guide to thank you notes

There is an art to writing a charming thank you note and an etiquette to it, too.  With emails, texts, Facebook and other electronic forms of communication, traditional handwritten thank you notes seem to be losing popularity.  Our grandmas would be disappointed!  However, because we have become such a digital age, when one does receive a snail-mailed, handwritten thank you note, it becomes that much more special - all the more reason for you to send one!

At More Than Paper, we value the importance of a handwritten thank you note and are here with some tips to make the process less painful.   Notes don't have to take a lot of your precious time. With a few quick tips, you'll make your grandmas proud and get back to writing thank you notes. 

Here are some tips to writing a good thank you note: 
  • DO be specific about what you are thanking them for (avoid "thank you for the gift...") 
  • DO tell the recipient what you like about the item, how you will use it, or how whatever they did will make your life better
  • DO add a sentence or two about when you will see them next.  Adding a personal touch about what your kids are up to, or inquiring about how their family is doing adds length to the note and makes it more substantial
  • DO invest in some personal stationery.  Writing on beautiful paper with your name on it feels much more fun! 

Here are some things to avoid: 
  • DON'T ever use a “fill-in” thank you note
  • DON'T wait too long.  A note should go in the mail within 2 weeks of receiving a gift (but we like to think better late than never - so send the note even if more than 2 weeks have elapsed!) 
  • DON'T mention specific dollar amounts. Instead, tell them how you plan to use the money and thank them for their "generous gift"

More Than Paper has a variety of personalized stationery for every budget and style.   Capture the chevron trend with this Stacy Claire Boyd design, now 20% off! 

Stacy Claire Boyd - Stationery/Thank You Notes - Chevron Stripe - Hot Pink (Folded) (FSE0371)

You’ll love the simplicity and versatility of this clean and simple design by Boatman Geller.   

Boatman Geller Stationery - Seahorse (#18711)

Sometimes you need to have a little fun with your stationery, too.  We love this one for a golfing enthusiast. Shop a variety of fun styles here

Chatsworth Robin Maguire - Stationery/Thank You Notes (Golf Cart) (DS-12-172)

Whatever style you choose, just make sure you write those thank you notes! The recipient will really appreciate your thoughtfulness and time. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Common Grammar and Spelling Mistake Fixes

In More Than Paper's thirteen years of being in business and personalizing over 100,000 products, we have noticed some routine grammar and spelling errors.  We are here to help by identifying those common errors and sharing their fixes!  Whether it will help you place your orders, write letters or your blog, or help you at work, these tips are sure to help!

Original photo found on Uppercase

#1:  Where does the apostrophe go? Does it need an apostrophe?

There are two primary uses for a single apostrophe.  An apostrophe is used when words are contracted and it goes in place of the letters that have been removed.  Example:  "You are right" becomes "you’re right."   A second use for a single apostrophe is to show possession in the form of apostrophe and s.  For example, "This is Timmy's ball" means the ball belongs to Timmy.  Another rule is that you use the apostrophe and s after the second name only if two people possess the same item.   Example:   Helen and George’s poodle is adorable.    One of the most common mistakes we see at is the incorrect usage of apostrophe and s with a family name.  You DO NOT use an apostrophe to pluralize a last name.  For example, you refer to all the members of the Smith family as  "The Smiths," NOT as "The Smith’s."      Read more about rules of the apostrophe here

 #2:   There, their or they’re!

"There" is used in two ways.  It can specify a place or can be used to start a sentence.  "Their" is used as a possessive form of “they.”   "They're" is short for "they are."

#3:  Commonly misspelled words

Dependable, independent, recommend, responsible, occasion and separate are all correct spellings of these words.

#4:  We love a good infographic and found this one from Copy Blogger to be very helpful.  Take a peek! 

15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly

So what do you think?  Are you going to make these errors again? We bet not!  

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Holiday Photo Card Sale

The month of December is usually an exciting time to go to your mailbox.  Amidst all of the bills and junk mail, there are a slew of holiday cards from family and friends.  Usually the best ones received are photo cards!

Though it seems early to start thinking about Christmas and winter holidays, with a little advanced planning you can save big on your annual photo greeting cards.   Holiday Cards by Boatman Geller are currently 60% off* at More Than Paper, and we have 4 great tips for taking the perfect holiday photo for your cards!

* Letterpress Holiday Photo cards are not included in the sale

When you have the design all picked out, it’s time to take the perfect family photo (or photos, depending on the design of the card you like!)  Here a four ways to get a great holiday photo card:
  1. Choose an interesting location like a park, the beach, riverfront or garden.  The background shouldn’t dominate the picture.  No beach?  Set up a station in your house and take photos against a shower curtain, soft linen, or hang a roll of kraft paper.   Consider your garage or side of your house as a backdrop if it’s wooden or has interesting architectural detail. 
  2. Think about a clothing “scheme.”   Clothes do not have to match but consider coordinating colors.  Generally patterns do not photograph well, so keep attire limited to solids when possible.
  3. Use a tripod and camera with a self timer, or enlist the help of a neighbor or friend.   If you don’t have a tripod, you can stack books on a chair or step stool.   Take a few practice shots then assemble the group.
  4. Compose the picture.   Think about arranging people from tallest to shortest, or placing the tallest people on the outside and the shortest in the middle (or vice versa).   A popular composition includes placing the mother and father in the middle, and the kids around the parents.  Be sure to “lean in” to each other to avoid gaps between people.   The closer the better! 
Last year, there was quite a trend of families using props (think mustaches, wigs, sunglasses & more) and people holding chalkboard signs to showcase their greeting.   

Photo by Natalie, on this awesome blog!

Whatever your style is, be sure to follow these tips for great holiday cards and shop now to receive 60% off your Boatman Geller holiday photo cards!  Hurry, this ends 9/12/13 so shop all the cards now