Friday, August 29, 2014

Labor Day Entertaining and Recipes

Hang on to your hats, More Than Paper blog readers -- LABOR DAY weekend is almost here. We can hardly believe the summer 2014 is nearly history. What will you do this coming weekend to go out with a bang? If entertaining and spending time outdoors is on your list, we've rounded up a collection of patriotic and summer recipes that is right up your alley! 

Any great celebration starts with an invitation.  For your next Labor Day celebration we like these (and plenty more invitations found at More Than Paper.) 

Inviting Co. - Invitations (Cook Out!) (1-2204P)

Boatman Geller Invitations - Banner Barbeque (V) (#19422)

We've hunted all over Pinterest and also the web to find some of the most creative and interesting recipes and entertaining ideas.  Please click on the image to view the original source (credits also given.) 

Taste and Tell Blog rounded up 35+ Labor Day worthy burgers. These taco burgers look divine!

Taco Burgers by Taste and Tell

Could you go wrong with these Siracha burgers by Electric Recipes

Sriracha Ranch Chicken Burgers by Eclectic Recipes

We also love the ideas of these pulled BBQ sandwiches, which would be easy to make ahead. (Giving you more time to spend with family and friends -- less time slaving away in the kitchen.)  Find the full recipe and beautiful photos at Ingredients, Inc.

Pulled Barbecue Chicken Sandwiches: Labor Day Recipe

This Strawberry Caprese salad by Nosh On It looks divine and screams "summer." 

Strawberry Caprese Salad

A patriotic pie? Yes, please! This one comes to us from She Speaks

Patriotic Labor Day Recipes with a Twist

You may need some drink ideas, too.  With watermelon as ubiquitous as it is, we love a watermellon cocktail. Make this with or without alcohol.  Either way, this packs a punch and is full of flavor because it's sweet and has heat.  This was found here on Pinterest

We hope that these ideas have given you lots to think about for the upcoming weekend ahead. Happy almost Labor Day from More Than Paper

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

More Back to School Tips

Though many schools in the South have already gone back in session, most of us in the North are getting ready to start after Labor Day. Are your little (or big) ones ready?  Whether it's the first day of school ever, the first day at a new school, or just the beginning of a new school year, More Than Paper has some tips to help you and your child ease back to school!  From preparing your child (both mentally and with provisions), behavior advice, homework and even bullying -- check out these tips! 

Preparing your child:
·         Emphasize the good things about school with your child. Remind her of how she'll make new friends, learn new things, and have good times.
·         Attend any orientations. Get to know the teacher(s).  If there are other kids in the neighborhood who already attend, ask if they'd give your child some info or help.
·         If this is a new school, check out the route and transportation.
·         Teach your child basic safety tips for walking, biking, or taking the bus.

Behavior advice for your child:
·         Start right by making a good first impression with your new teacher – pay attention, follow directions, offer to help pass out papers.
·         Don’t try to be the center of attention by acting in out in class. Get attention by doing the right thing.
·         When making new friends – be yourself, listen, and share a little about your interests.
·         If there are new students in your class, make an effort to get to know them and make them feel welcome.

These helpful tips are from the American Academy of Pediatrics (used with their approval):
  • Teach your child how to: Look the bully in the eye; stand tall and stay calm in a difficult situation; walk away.
  • Teach your child how to say in a firm voice, "I don't like what you are doing."
    "Please do NOT talk to me like that." "Why would you say that?" (most bullies aren't used to being questioned).
  • Teach your child when and how to ask a trusted adult for help.
  • Encourage your child to make friends with other children.
  • If your child is the bully, make sure they know that it's never ok, and set limits on aggressive behavior. Use non-physical discipline, like loss of privileges. Be a good role model. 
  • If your child is a bystander, encourage her to support other children -- by telling bullies to stop or tell a trusted adult.
Start the school year off right by creating a good environment and study habits with your child.
·         Create a standard place for her to work, and make sure it's comfortable and well-lit.
·         Set aside a consistent time for homework. If it turns out to not be enough, modify the schedule accordingly.
·         Set restrictions on TV and non-school computer use.
·         Help your child if she needs it, but never do her homework for her.
·         Seek outside help from the teacher or counselors if your child is struggling.

Have you seen our other post on Back to School? Be sure to check out our organization tips, too! And if you haven't started your shopping, visit More Than Paper's online store of thousands of personalized and handy products for the school year ahead. 

Friday, August 22, 2014

Introducing Dabney Lee

We are thrilled to announce a new designer available at More Than Paper! Meet Dabney Lee, whose preppy and hip style is taking the personalized gift and stationery industry by storm. Featured in Everyday with Rachael Ray, Lucky, Ok!, Coastal Living, The New York Times and dozens more, Dabney was born in Southern California but moved to New York in 2004.  (Perhaps this is what explains her West Coast meets East Coast style!) According to her website, that is when she combined her love for "lucite, bright colors, fashion, interior design and paper to create a her line of personalized stationery and gifts." She opened her own retail shop in 2012, and now sells to boutique shops across the country.   We adore the quality goods and exceptionally trendy designs - and the fact that her line is now being printed by the well-established and seasoned Boatman Group is an added bonus!  

Her product line is extensive and you can find hundreds of her products now at More Than Paper. From glass cutting boardsdesktop calendars, drinkware, recipe boxes, note cubes, recipe cards, clipboards, lucite letter trays, note pads, mouse pads, coasters and entertaining items, there are so many choices for personalized goodness. 

We also really love all the paper products! We fell in love with these gift stickers, 24 for $20 (regularly $25.) Hard to choose which one we love the most!

Dabney Lee Personalized Square Stickers - Chevron (DSQS10)

Dabney Lee Personalized Square Stickers - Dumbo (DSQS14)

Dabney Lee Personalized Square Stickers - Clementine (DSQS12)

Dabney Lee Personalized Square Stickers - Chloe (DSQS11)

She even has personalized wine bottle tags!

Wine Bottle Tags

You can also choose from a wide range of return address labels. We love this bold, geometric pattern! 

Dabney Lee Personalized Return Address Labels - Acute (DRAL02)

We also fell in love with these helpful desk blotter pads, personalized any which way you choose! 

Dabney Lee Personalized Blotter & Pads - Jane (DBLO23)

So which products are your favorite? Which designs are your favorite? Shop the entire collection here! 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Traditions of Rosh Hashanah

Though we can hardly believe it, September is nearly upon us and we've begun thinking about the upcoming Rosh Hashanah holiday. This year Rosh Hashanah begins at sundown on Wednesday, September 24. This holiday is chalk full of time honored traditions from dipping apples in honey, blowing the Shofar, a ceremonious Tashlich, braiding round challah, and sending greeting cards.  Here's a bit about what our family does each year!

1) Dipping apples in honey is a tradition that children especially love, especially when they are little.  It signifies the start of a sweet new year ahead. Granny smith, red delicious, Macintosh -- they're all in season and they are all yummy with a sprinkling of fresh honey.

2) Blowing the Shofar (or ram's horn) is a great way to get children involved. It's played like a trumpet and children can practice different notes. 

3) Tashlich.  This ceremony involves casting off bread crumbs into water, leaving them behind for the start of the New Year.  It's to signify tossing out the bad and opening yourself up to new. 

4) Braiding your own round challah is an activity that's also especially fun to do with children. During Rosh Hashanah, the round challah is a symbol of life being full circle and a chance for new beginnings. 

5) There is pure joy during this time of year in sending and receiving greeting cards from family and friends. We absolutely love this tradition!   Here are some greeting cards that you can find at More Than Paper! 

Checkerboard Jewish New Year Cards - Apple Spiral (HNY-THA-E)

Checkerboard Jewish New Year Cards - Announce The Blessing (HNY-JSQ-V)

Checkerboard Jewish New Year Cards - Honey Pot (HNY-GFW-L)

Indelible Ink Jewish New Year Cards - View From The Wall

Michele Pulver/Another Creation Jewish New Year Cards - Eat Apples (#420)

We'd love to hear about your family traditions during the holidays! Share them here or on our Facebook page! 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Back to School Organization Tips

It's back to school time! This year, try sharing the planning and tasks with the kids. You'll instill and nurture organization skills in them, and they'll appreciate having a voice in the decisions. Why not include Dad, too? 

Planning 101
Together, create a chart listing the average day's activities with times, from waking, eating, and departing to after-school activities, homework, and bedtimes. Make it fun; include artwork, color, and stickers. Assign any individual responsibilities such as helping with lunches, assisting younger kids, and be specific as possible.  If they take lunches, plan a week or two of menus with their input.  You may even choose to use an organizational calendar, like these ones found at More Than Paper! 

Determine and identify your functional areas in your home.  You'll need an information center, an area for take-to-school items, and homework space. Organize these areas with space for each person. Plan to use personalized labels and storage boxes or bins, message boards, and envelopes. Here are some helpful recommended products found at More Than Paper

Personalized ID Tags & Waterproof Labels (Back to School)

Personalized Pencil Case

Personalized Three Ring Binder

With the kids, create two lists of clothing and supplies, what's necessary and what's desired. It's a good idea to delay buying clothes for late-fall and winter; popular trends will emerge in school and the kids can grow a lot in a few months.  

Most schools supply a list, but here are some basics:
·        Pencils (24 pack)
·        Pens (12 pack)
·        Notebook paper (2-3 packs with reinforced holes)
·        1 or 2 3-ring binders
·        2 composition notebooks
·        12-pack of Crayons or markers
·        Pencil box (to hold pens, pencils, crayons/markers)
·        Backpack
·        Lunchbox
·        Hand sanitizer
·        Tissues

Then, before you make your final shopping list:

1. Take inventory of what you have.
2. Determine a budget.
3. Compare the cost of "need it" items with the budget, and decide what "want it" items to include.

Putting the plan into action
Go shopping and involve the kids in decisions based on need and budget.

In the Information Center, hang the activity chart, the message board with sections for each person, and a calendar for the month's activities and responsibilities color coded by individual.

In a closet, hallway bench, or entryway, place personalized boxes to hold backpacks, lunches, envelopes with money or permission slips, etc. Designate hangers or hooks for each person in the closet for outerwear.

Make the homework area comfortable and conducive to productivity. Check the lighting, the chair and table heights, and remove any distractions. Create computer-use schedules. 

Then , hold a dress rehearsal. Run through the morning activities, from wake-up to departure, as if they were really going to school. Review and fix any snags. Then reward everyone for all the hard work. Do something special and fun for the kids and yourselves before summer is over!

Happy Back to School season from More Than Paper, start shopping all of our great organizational and personalized products

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Nautical Trends

There is no trend more in style this summer than the nautical one. We see it every day in stationery, home decor, fashion, jewelry and even food.  Today we are sharing our round up of great nautical finds on the web. There are a few here from More Than Paper and many from other sites.  Check out all of our great nautical trend finds!

In fashion, we love these dresses by Mod Cloth and these fabulous nautical high heel pumps.  You can't go wrong with a blue and white striped canvas bag by Kate Spade.  The personalized address label stickers by Prints Charming make a great addition to any invite or summer correspondence.  

For entertaining, choose this fabulous anchor plate or hand painted wooden anchor trays. More Than Paper carries a wide selection of Boatman Geller, who's line has plenty of anchors, nautical ropes and other boating motifs.  We love this ice bucket for summer entertaining!  When decorating your home, check out these great pillow finds! We love the anchor pillow and the Devora Designs red, white and blue monogram pillow found at More Than Paper.  And a nautical look isn't complete without lanterns! 

Have you embraced the nautical trend for summer? How? We'd love to hear from our More Than Paper blog readers! 

Friday, August 8, 2014

1980's Throwback Party

Each decade has its own rich history, culture and vibe.  At More Than Paper, we are partial to the 1980s. When we think of this great decade, we think big hair, lots of hairspray, banana clips and scrunchies, stone washed jeans, jelly shoes, Doc Martens, and neon bangles. We think The Breakfast Club, all movies with Molly Ringwald, Top Gun, and Madonna.  

Wouldn't it be fun to have a girls party throwing back and paying homage to the 80s?  We found the perfect invitation and are inspired by throwback clothes and entertainment to plan an 80s girls night that will totally rock. 

Be sure to wear your neon bangles, stone washed jeans, and Docs (if you are still lucky enough to have them!) Invite the girls over for a night of drinks, listening to Madonna and playing good old movies like Top Gun, The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles and other Ringwald movies. Serve your favorite drinks and food and have fun with your friends -- 1980s style!

Do you have a good idea for a party? Tell us your favorite unique party ideas!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Stock The Bar Housewarming Party

Buying a house is such a tremendous investment.  Moving into that house and getting settled takes a lot of time and effort. When you have new neighbors, do you welcome them?  For new neighbors or friends, throwing a housewarming party is a fun and much appreciated gesture. It's a great way for everyone to get to know each other and a great excuse for a party.  A popular idea for the younger crowd -- say for example, a couple that just got married -- is a stock the bar party! 

It's likely the couple has received a lot of wedding presents and essential home items they need, so a "stock the bar" party is a great way to get a couple started in their new home. A stock the bar party may imply that guests bring actual bottles of wine or alcohol to stock the bar, or it could mean gift type items like personalized serving sets, monogram cups, cocktail napkins, and coasters. You decide! Either is appropriate and will be appreciated. 

At More Than Paper, we have a wide selection of (1) entertaining sets, (2) monogram cups and (3 & 4) wine theme or stock the bar themed invites.  Also, More Than Paper has a HUGE selection of coasters and entertaining items. Here are some of our favorites! 

Boatman Geller - Personalized Coasters (Suzani) (CO58)

Queen Bee Coasters - Chalk KG (CS-04)

Dabney Lee Personalized Coasters - Acute (DCO02)

Dabney Lee Personalized Coasters - Golden Girl (DCO18)

Take a peek at our very extensive collection of coasters here! So what will it be for a housewarming party? Will you choose this stock the bar theme? Visit our store to see more great entertaining products for the hostess in you!