Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Nautical Trends

There is no trend more in style this summer than the nautical one. We see it every day in stationery, home decor, fashion, jewelry and even food.  Today we are sharing our round up of great nautical finds on the web. There are a few here from More Than Paper and many from other sites.  Check out all of our great nautical trend finds!

In fashion, we love these dresses by Mod Cloth and these fabulous nautical high heel pumps.  You can't go wrong with a blue and white striped canvas bag by Kate Spade.  The personalized address label stickers by Prints Charming make a great addition to any invite or summer correspondence.  

For entertaining, choose this fabulous anchor plate or hand painted wooden anchor trays. More Than Paper carries a wide selection of Boatman Geller, who's line has plenty of anchors, nautical ropes and other boating motifs.  We love this ice bucket for summer entertaining!  When decorating your home, check out these great pillow finds! We love the anchor pillow and the Devora Designs red, white and blue monogram pillow found at More Than Paper.  And a nautical look isn't complete without lanterns! 

Have you embraced the nautical trend for summer? How? We'd love to hear from our More Than Paper blog readers! 

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