Friday, August 29, 2014

Labor Day Entertaining and Recipes

Hang on to your hats, More Than Paper blog readers -- LABOR DAY weekend is almost here. We can hardly believe the summer 2014 is nearly history. What will you do this coming weekend to go out with a bang? If entertaining and spending time outdoors is on your list, we've rounded up a collection of patriotic and summer recipes that is right up your alley! 

Any great celebration starts with an invitation.  For your next Labor Day celebration we like these (and plenty more invitations found at More Than Paper.) 

Inviting Co. - Invitations (Cook Out!) (1-2204P)

Boatman Geller Invitations - Banner Barbeque (V) (#19422)

We've hunted all over Pinterest and also the web to find some of the most creative and interesting recipes and entertaining ideas.  Please click on the image to view the original source (credits also given.) 

Taste and Tell Blog rounded up 35+ Labor Day worthy burgers. These taco burgers look divine!

Taco Burgers by Taste and Tell

Could you go wrong with these Siracha burgers by Electric Recipes

Sriracha Ranch Chicken Burgers by Eclectic Recipes

We also love the ideas of these pulled BBQ sandwiches, which would be easy to make ahead. (Giving you more time to spend with family and friends -- less time slaving away in the kitchen.)  Find the full recipe and beautiful photos at Ingredients, Inc.

Pulled Barbecue Chicken Sandwiches: Labor Day Recipe

This Strawberry Caprese salad by Nosh On It looks divine and screams "summer." 

Strawberry Caprese Salad

A patriotic pie? Yes, please! This one comes to us from She Speaks

Patriotic Labor Day Recipes with a Twist

You may need some drink ideas, too.  With watermelon as ubiquitous as it is, we love a watermellon cocktail. Make this with or without alcohol.  Either way, this packs a punch and is full of flavor because it's sweet and has heat.  This was found here on Pinterest

We hope that these ideas have given you lots to think about for the upcoming weekend ahead. Happy almost Labor Day from More Than Paper

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