Tuesday, September 2, 2014

College Advice Tips

How do you prepare your college bound son or daughter? Once you have packed the bags and car, given thoughtful advice on studying hard, eating right and getting enough sleep, check out these tips from More Than Paper.  Even if they've already headed off to college, you can still share this great advice!  We hope it will make the transition a bit easier. 

Get to know your roommate.
Get off to a good start. Sure, you're used to your own friends and groups. But don't make snap judgments about your roommate's (or anyone's) background, appearance, or clothes. Think of this as an introduction to real life. People are different; they have their own good and bad characteristics. You do, too. Communicate well and work out your living arrangements together. Even if you don't end up being best friends, work together to make your 'home' environment pleasant for both of you.

Be friendly.
Smile at and say hello to people. Even if you're nervous or shy. This may seem simple, but it's important to appear open to conversations and friendships. Share a little about yourself, and listen a lot. Yes, you miss your old friends from home, but this is your home now. Make room for new people. And if your high school years were less than ideal, here's a chance for a fresh start.

Join something.
There are a lot of activities to choose from; it all might seem overwhelming. But the worse thing you can do is hide in your room. Share your interests with others or find a new one, whether it's a hobby, academic area, charity, organization for change, or a sport. Get involved in something right away, and you'll meet people and feel more a part of the school. Take advantage of parties, meetings, and study groups. Connect.

Get to know your new city or town. Check out everything from the restaurants and shops to the sports facilities, theaters, architecture, and history of where you live. Root for the home teams and get involved! 

Don't despair.
It's normal to be homesick, and it's okay to call home or your old friends when you feel blue. Just like real life, there are bound to be some disappointment in people, programs, and places. Seek other people to talk with or help you through this time: other students, teachers, or a counselor or doctor. Remember that you're new at this, and every endeavor requires practice!

Enjoy and keep in touch.
Keep a positive attitude and find joy in your new life. These will be some of the best years of your life! Really. And communicate often with your parents. Remember that they're adjusting to a new life too, one without you.  

Writing home? More Than Paper has a wide selection of personalized stationery from which to choose.  (Though we are guessing you'll get a lot more emails, texts and calls -- a handwritten note can't be beat!) 

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