Friday, September 12, 2014

Halloween Party

Do you love Halloween like we do? It's such a fun holiday for children. This year, the spooky and festive holiday falls on a Friday which we find particularly convenient for school-aged kiddos! We're hosting a neighborhood party and are brainstorming all the adorable ways to decorate and make this Halloween the craftiest, yummiest, and best one yet!

What's the first step in planning a monster bash? A printed invitation, of course! It sets the theme for the night. We love these ones found at More Than Paper.  Whimsical and colorful, these ones are perfect for any Halloween party.

Find these cute invites here! 

There are plenty of adorable ideas when it comes to crafting. We love this easy Halloween pennant flag banner from Polka Dot Chair. 

When it comes time to serving food, we like a mix of healthy alternatives and junk.  Surely you have seen this cute idea circling around Pinterest from last year? The ghost bananas and orange pumpkins were a huge hit at our party last year.  Surely we will make them again! 

With every kids party we always make a little favor or small treat to take home.  We found exceptionally cute cookies and think they'd be adorable packaged in cello bags, tied with some string, and perfect with a personalized treat bag sticker!  More Than Paper has a variety of treat bag stickers from which to choose. 

Over the next few weeks we will be sharing more ideas for Halloween! Check back soon and often.   Here are some image credits! 

Image Credits for Cookies

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