Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Hiring a Professional Photographer

You should be proud of yourself! No more bad Santa-selfie or "just-a minute-too-soon" timed photos. Not this year. You finally came to your senses and decided to hire a professional photographer for your holiday cards. And maybe this year you'll even get to ordering your holiday cards before Thanksgiving! More Than Paper is here today with a few tips on how to hire a professional photographer and great ideas for your holiday cards this 2014. 

A professional can take your ideas and turn them into a photograph that you'll not only want to see on a card, but also your friends and families will enjoy and treasure.  Now you have to decide what you want and who will do it.

First, think about the subject. Are you featuring a new child, your family members, a new pet, or new home?  Then, consider what you want to convey: a joyful greeting, heart-warming emotion, or friendly communication?  Or are you aiming for all-out laughs. Try to suit your personality. Or, for fun, do something completely out of character. Once you zero in on the subjects and sentiment, think about the type of photograph you like: candid or posed; formal or casual; natural outdoor setting, inside your home, or in the studio?  Color, black and white, or sepia? Digital or film? Props, costumes, color-coordinated outfits, or really ridiculous holiday sweaters? The photographer can also help you make these decisions and steer you toward a memorable result.
Set your budget and start looking for photographers who do the kind of work you like. As usual, ask friends or family members for recommendations, but do check out the photographer's work yourself. Look at an online or physical portfolio, meet them in person, and ask about the number of images, prices, and packages (there will be a big difference in both the quality and cost of your cards if the photographer handles the printing versus creating the cards yourself).  Also ask if you can have, or purchase, the digital image for other uses, such as a home portrait or for gifts. Check that the contract reflects this information.

Remember to ask how much time will be allowed.  This is a busy time for photographers, but you don't want to be rushed in the photo session -- or when sending out your cards. Book your session as soon as possible and confirm the appointment shortly beforehand. Then relax, revel in the season, and smile!

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