Thursday, October 3, 2013

Monogram guide

These days you can monogram just about anything.  At More Than Paper, we have over 20,000 products on which you can place your monogram.  From boots to candles, mugs to necklaces, cell phone cases to calendars, monograms are a fun way to personalize things in your life and make great gifts.   But the last thing you want to do is get it wrong, and monograms can be tricky.   So we've assembled this easy guide to monograms.

Individual Monogram Etiquette
Women’s Monogram Etiquette: The most common rule is first name initial, last name initial and middle name initial, in that order. So Margaret Eleanor Given’s monogram would look as follows:

Men’s Monogram Etiquette: The most common rule for men is a straight monogram, first name initial, middle name initial and last name initial, in that order and they are three equally sized letters. So Owen William Martin’s monogram would look as follows:
O W M 

Married Monogram Etiquette
Modern Monogram Etiquette: The most common rule is Woman's First Name, Married Last Name, Husband's First Name. So Margaret Eleanor Given married to Owen William Martin’s monogram would look as follows:

Family Monogram Etiquette
The “Mom Monogram”: A new trend that will feature the first initial of each Child’s Name and the first initial of the Family’s Last Name.  The Martins have two children, Jude Chrisman Martin and Lucille Cobb Martin.  So the monogram for the  Martins' Mom would look as follows:

Pin this handy reference to a board on Pinterest and you'll never have questions again! 

When in doubt we refer back to Emily Post and remember that the lady always goes first and that the bride should refrain from using her married monogram prior to the wedding date. Also remember that the More Than Paper customer service team is always more than happy to help you with any questions you may have before ordering.  


  1. What if you have more than two children. My mom has 4. How do you monogram that?

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