Thursday, October 31, 2013

Personalized Door Decoration

Happy Halloween! 

At More Than Paper, we just love personalized items for our home!  Which is why we love this affordable DIY personalized front door decoration, perfect for the fall season. Anyone can create it at home with little to no crafting experience.  With a few simple supplies and about 20 minutes, you can have a fun seasonal decoration hanging from your front door.  

For this quick project, you will need: 
  1. Charcoal twine by The Twinery, available at More Than
  2. May Arts Ribbon in orange 
  3. Wooden letter of your choice (available at your local craft or hardware store)

Start by tying the twine onto the wooden letter.  Wrap the twine around the letter until you have a large section covered, or about 1/8 way covered.  When you've completed a section, tie it off and secure with a stapler or glue.   Next, do another section and then alternate the twine and the ribbon.  The sections do not have to be exact or equally spaced to look great! 

Hang from a sturdy piece of ribbon from a wreath hanger and you have an easy personalized front door decoration.   It's that simple! 

Try this idea for a nursery for baby.  Wrap blue or pink twine around a letter or a whole name for a personalized touch! 

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