Thursday, October 24, 2013

Easy Halloween Banner

At More Than Paper, we love decorating for Halloween.  It's a fun holiday to craft for because there is so much room to get creative.   Today we are sharing an easy halloween banner that you can work on with your kids, just in time for Halloween!  Assign little ones the task of adding the stickers, or allow them to cut if they are ready.  This affordable and easy paper craft will take about 30 minutes and most of the supplies can be found at More Than in our new Crafter's Corner.  Doesn't it look great finished hanging from the mantel?  

Supplies needed: 
  1. Charcoal twine by The Twinery, available at More Than Paper  
  2. Quick Card Stickers and border stickers, available at More Than Paper
  3. Cardstock in yellow, orange, black and stripes.  (Or choose whatever suits you!) 
  4. Glue 

Start by folding over the cardstock and cutting a triangle.  Use as your template to cut identical triangles for the other pennant flags. 

Add your sticker decorations!  We added the versatile border stickers to the top of the flag. 

Line the edges of the flags with glue.  Before securing in place, insert the twine. Use a double layer of twine for extra stability.  Seal shut and allow the glue to dry.  This will secure the twine as well. 

Add more stickers when dry and hang from windows, the mantel, or just about anywhere! 

Enjoy this fun and easy craft for Halloween - or use some of our other themed stickers and borders to make this banner for another holiday or occasion!  Share your creations with us on our Facebook page

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