Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fall Fashion

Being in the stationery industry, More Than Paper has noticed that designs follow what's happening in fashion.   The styles people are wearing each season are generally reflected in stationery a few months later (if not immediately).  So what's hot for fall 2013 in stationery?We are seeing three trends:  1) Leopard 2) Houndstooth and 3) Chevron.  Check it out! 

We are loving these stationery designs and fashions! Find them all here below. 

1) Leopard coat by Zara 
3) Leopard dry-erase magnetic board by Devora Designs available at More Than Paper 
4) Leopard flat note card by Robin Maguire available at More Than Paper 
7) Houndstooth foldover note by Boatman Geller available at More Than Paper 
10) Chevron foldover note cards in orange by Prints Charming available at More Than Paper 
11) Chevron foldover note cards in letterpress by Boatman Geller available at More Than Paper 

Even if you don't adopt the seasons fashion trends in your wardrobe, you can add a little flair into your stationery with these trendy (yet timeless) patterns.  

More Than Paper has great styles of leopard, houndstooth and chevron patterns from which to choose and has other familiar favorite prints like zebra and giraffe.  If you aren't a trendy type, don't worry as More Than Paper has a great selection of traditional stationery, too!  Shop now at and search the style that suits you (or contact us and one of our stationery specialists will help you find the perfect ensemble)!

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