Thursday, October 1, 2020

Halloween Alternatives

Halloween is fast approaching and like many of our holidays and events scheduled in 2020, there’s a good chance that this spooky night is going to be cancelled. For safety reasons, it certainly makes sense to at least modify how we are approaching Halloween. But how do you tell children this news without letting them down, once again? We’re big on back up plans and getting creative. Today we are sharing some ideas for alternative Halloween plans.   

Decorate like you’ve never decorated before

Luckily, this is one thing that doesn’t need to change.  Decorate your heart out – indoors and outdoors! In your dining room, living room, or kitchen, we love these festive bats that our owner, Debbie, cut out years ago from black construction paper. She brings them out every year. 

Be sure to touch all areas of your home… even places you wouldn’t think of like the bathroom! How cute is this? It’s not the bathroom but the batroom!

Outside, you can go all out with orange, purple, and green lights. If you have never been one to have inflatable characters on your lawn, 2020 could be your year to do so.  The tackier and wackier the better, we say! Your neighbors and those passing by will love your outrageous Halloween spirit.

Candy on a stick

This is a new trend to emerge out of the pandemic and one that could work for a socially distant Halloween.  Buy Halloween candy, wooden dowels from your craft store, and tape.  Secure the candy package to the wooden dowel with tape, and place in your lawn spaced out. Invite your neighbors to do the same and schedule time when a few kids at a time can “trick or treat”.  We think this could be a fun way for smaller kids to still experience the thrill of getting candy.  




Treat yo’self (and the ones you love)

We have lots of ideas for Halloween baking and cooking for yourself and the ones you love at home.  Why not dress up in your costumes?  Have a family party!  Create festive cupcakes like these for everyone to enjoy. 


Or get inspired by these other haunted treats! We’ve included some healthy options, too – like this pumpkin faced veggie tray.


Or these adorable fruit snacks! They’re incredibly easy to make. Cut bananas in half and add two (mini) chocolate chips for eyes.  For the “pumpkins”, use Cuties and cut and insert small pieces of celery for the stem.


These “graves” are just Milano cookies with “RIP” painted in black frosting (with bloody red….).  They rest in chocolate pudding covered in Oreo cookies. These are incredibly easy to make.  


Two other ideas for you are these Jell-O Cups that look like candy corns, and these Rice Krispy Monster Eyeballs. So much fun to make, especially with the kids.


Even if you can’t find time to make some special Halloween treats, just changing out your placemats and plates for the day will bring a smile to your children’s faces.  We have plenty of options. Be sure to check them all out here!  Of course, at More Than Paper, we are also all about the presentation so if you do get creative in making some delightful Halloween treats, be even more “extra” and serve them on one of our create-your-own platters where you can completely customize the colors for the season!


So, however you are able to celebrate Halloween this year, we hope that you find creative and exciting ways to keep the traditions alive and even to create new ones.  That’s what 2020 is all about, right? Adapting and finding the silver linings.  Be sure to share how you celebrate Halloween in 2020 on our Facebook page. Happy almost Halloween!

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