Monday, September 13, 2021

Throwing a Halloween Party

Ghosts and goblins, oh my! Halloween is fast approaching and More Than Paper has you covered with tips and tricks to throw a creative Halloween Party for both kids and adults alike this season. From invitations to party favors, you’ll have a party to remember. Follow these pro tips: 
1.     Hold on to those broomsticks and think about the type of party you want to throw:
The first step in event planning is determining exactly what kind of event you want to host. Think about the activities, dress, time, date, and menu for the event. Do you want a spooky party? A fun and whimsical party?  This will set the tone for all future planning. 
2.     Decide which witches and warlocks to invite to your super spooky event:
The next step in planning your Halloween party is to figure out the gruesome guest list! After determining the type of Halloween party you are having, adjust your guest list accordingly. For example, if you plan on throwing a ‘potion party,’ only invite those guests who are legally eligible to drink. Gather the names and addresses of your guest list and start looking for an invitation that matches your party vibe. 
Pro Tip: We recommend sending out the invitations for your party at least three weeks in advance to ensure your guests are well prepared for the holiday festivities! 
3.     Remember to make your menacing menu for all your guests to enjoy: 
One of the most important aspects of any party is the menu. Halloween parties are no exception! So while making a nice dip may do the trick, we recommend trying to create Halloween-themed dishes. For example, add some crushed chocolate cookies into a chocolate pudding cup; and top with some gummy worms to make a grave dirt cup! Pinterest is full of Halloween-themed food and you can even get healthy ideas. (We love a peeled orange or clementine with a small piece of celery stuck in the top! It looks like a pumpkin!) 
4.     Add a dash of competition to your caldron with some Halloween-themed games!: 
What is a party without some fun and games? While games are not completely necessary, we recommend including some signature Halloween-inspired games to add some nostalgia to your Halloween soiree. Some of the easiest and budget-friendly games to try at your Halloween party are bobbing for apples (in a non-COVID world), pin the nose on the witch, or even Monster Mash musical chairs!

After reviewing these spooky steps for making your Halloween party the best one yet, we at More Than Paper have created a list of perfect Halloween products for you to indulge in this Halloween holiday season! Make sure to order early, so you are not disappointed!  
Make sure your guests know exactly where and when to park their broomsticks for your Halloween party this year! Try these Cauldron Bubble Green Halloween Invitations to get your guests in the spooky spirit! For more Halloween-themed invitations, visit
Take Note Designs - Halloween Invitations (Apple Martini Spooky Style)
Witches, zombies, and spiders; oh my! What better way to put your personal spin on a Halloween haunt than with these precious Halloween Hang With Us napkins by Three Bees! Not only are these napkins personalized with your name, but there are multiple color options to choose from to match your Halloween aesthetic! For more Halloween napkin options, go to
A Three Bees Item - Beverage Napkins (Halloween Hang With Us)
3.  Are you thinking about serving some of those ghoulish dishes at your Halloween soiree? If so, make sure these dishes are served with style with these spooky Halloween 3 or 4 Piece Tabletop Sets by Kelly Hughes Designs! This set comes with a personalized placemat, bowl, plate, and mug (if you get the four-piece option). These sets are the perfect way to spark some spooky cheer around your Halloween party this year! For more Halloween-inspired décor, visit

3 or 4 Piece Tabletop Sets by Kelly Hughes Designs (Halloween)

So what will it be this Halloween?  We can’t wait to see the parties that you throw! 

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  1. Say ‘bone appétit’ with these tasty treats. Nothing could be scarier than not keeping your guests well fed. And remember to keep everyone in mind when planning the menu. “The food and the drinks should cater to the adults, too,” Manetta says.

    Put together a Halloween-inspired dessert board with your favorite sweet seasonal treats. From jelly pumpkins and candy corn to festive cookies and pretzels, you have tons of options to choose from. If you’re feeling slightly less motivated, you can get one that comes with everything you need.

    This time of year, sweets are everywhere, so you may want to consider including a healthy option or two as well. Strike the balance of spooky and sweet with a fruit display or Halloween-themed chocolate-covered strawberries.

    As Carter points out, “Food and snacks can double as an activity a lot of times.” Consider setting up a make-your-own trail mix station or candy bar. You can never go wrong with decorating your own cookies, either. Check this