Friday, November 22, 2013

Goil Foil Stationery Trend

Sometimes a trend is not really a trend at all, but a timeless classic that has a sudden resurgence in popularity or has been updated with a fresh new look. Such is the case with the stationery trend we are seeing this 2013 holiday season-- gold foil.   Or more specifically, the gold foil effect.  Many stationery designers are using cool design techniques to replicate the gold foil look digitally, making it more affordable.  

This season, we are also seeing a combination of digital printing and foil stamping on holiday photo cards.  Adding foil stamping can make an ordinary digital holiday card more upscale and special.  At More Than Paper, we offer a variety of greeting cards and stationery with both gold foil printing and gold foil effect.   So whatever your budget, we have a gold foil look for you!

Shop hundreds of holiday card styles for every trend at More Than Paper.  

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