Monday, February 17, 2014

Inside New York: 10 things to do from New Yorkers

At More Than Paper, we've traveled all over the world and yet, nothing compares to New York City.  It's so vibrant, so eclectic, so electric.  The city itself has an energy not easily rivaled.  With over 50 million visitors to its 23 square miles of space each year, this "center of the universe" has an abundance of things to do, see, eat, and experience. 

You can scour the internet and travel books to find plenty of lists on "what to do" in New York City.  Many will tell you to go to Times Square, visit the Empire State Building, and go to the 9/11 Memorial.  But we wanted to know what real New Yorkers do; so we asked some local friends the question:  "If you only had 48 hours in the city: what would you do?"   The list was long and friends eagerly replied. (New Yorkers are passionate about their city!)  Here are 10 things to do in NYC in 48 hours, straight from New Yorkers.  

1.  Visit The Whitney, the world's leading museum of 20th century and contemporary art that focuses on art primarily by living artists.  For modern art lovers, this is a must see. (Photo credit)

2.  Get "Frozen Hot Chocolate" at Serendipity.  
(Photo credit

3.  Visit Chinatown and go to Joe's Shanghai, for the best soup dumplings in town.  (Photo credit

4.  Go shopping in Nolita/SoHo (East of Broadway) and shop at TopShop for women's apparel, Sweet William and Zara for kid's clothes. 

5.  Lots of our New Yorker friends wanted to share their favorite burger spot:  The Corner Bistro and The Shake Shack were  listed.  Lots also wanted to share pizza spots, too.  Listed were Capizzi, Rubirosa, and the touristy but yummy, Lombardis.  (Photo credit)

6.  On a nice day, a visit to The High Line is a must. For tourists and non tourists it is a true oasis on the west side of the city from Chelsea - through the meatpacking down to the West Village. (Photo credit

7.  Go to Rock Club in the Lower East Side, former home to Ceebee geebees. This area is an awesome spot to take in local music all night long, check out acoustic music at "The Living Room." Afterwards get a burger at Schiller's Liquor bar.

8.  Take in a cheap but very funny Comedy Show in Chelsea at the Citizens Brigade Theater -- afterwards head to the "Half King" lots of comedians hang out here and lots of interesting readings!  (Photo credit)

9.  No frills eateries:  Hagi is a hidden Japanese tapenyaki sake bar near Times Square-- amazing for late night.  Calexico Taco Cart is street cart food in Soho "fancy tex mex"- their pulled pork burrito is to die for.  Crif Dogs in the East Village has the best and most creative hot dogs, there is a secret bar attached to it that you have to enter via a phone booth ( if they will have you!)  Korea town - karaoke Korea town at night, so much fun- beforehand get Korean dumplings and Bimimbap at "Mandoo Bar"- delicious.  359 Broome Street in Little Italy looks like a convenient store but has the best Vietnamese Deli- Bahn Mi and Spring Rolls, such a hidden gem, seriously the best. 

10.  Here are a few happening nightlife recommendations, which is always changing in NYC, and by the time you are reading this, are probably out of date:  West Village, Daddy OFedora, & Ippudo.

Do you have recommendations that we missed? We are sure there are thousands more!  Be sure to share them with us at the bottom of this post! 

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