Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wedding Gifts

Spring wedding season is upon us and for all those nuptials you will be attending, More Than Paper has you covered with unique gift ideas at affordable prices.   Giving money or a registry gift to the bride and the groom is always appreciated, but a personalized gift that catches them by surprise is very special. (Some of our favorite wedding gifts were ones that were unexpected!)  More Than Paper's selection of personalized wall art makes a treasured gift.  It's something they'll hang on their walls forever!  

From bold, graphic, inspiring, cute, and pretty, we have a wide selection of  personalized art Which one is your favorite? 

For same-sex couples, we also have a great selection from which to choose.  Mr. & Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Wall Art is a cute gift to celebrate their love.  

Same-Sex Couples Wall Art

Head on over to shop all personalized wall art for a wedding gift and share your favorites with us here on our blog or on our Facebook page! 


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