Thursday, August 20, 2020

Tips for Going Back to School in 2020

 It’s that time of year again! The summer is nearly behind us, and school aged children are getting ready to go back to school. (If you are in the south, there’s a good chance your schools already have!)  But like much of 2020, things look different than they have in years past.  Millions of children and their families are shifting gears and attending school virtually due to the pandemic.  Those that are attending in person face unforeseen challenges and a new way of learning.  We’re here today to explore tips and tricks to make the transition easier, in whichever way your school is going back.

Tips for Virtual School in 2020

1.      Set up a workspace/desk.  Ensure a consistent workspace and positive learning environment by setting up a workspace that your little one can use every single day for virtual school. You will want to make sure that the desk is sturdy, you have a comfortable chair, it is well-lit, and it is free from noises and distractions. (And far from the X-Box!) We recommend letting your kids decorate it so they feel ownership over their environment and have them take part in making it a special, happy place.

2.      Shop for supplies.  Just as you would for in-person school shopping, take your little one shopping or shop online together for necessary school supplies including binders, loose leaf paper, notebooks, a calculator, colored pencils, highlighters, pencils, pens, erasers & more.  Your school will likely provide a list!  We also think letting your children pick out a fun pencil box is an easy way to get the kids excited about supply shopping, without breaking the bank.  Try our embroidered cosmetic pouches, which double as a pencil/pen case! 

Donovan Designs - Embroidered Cosmetic Bags

3.      Boost your internet.  No one likes a frozen screen with an ugly face captured during a zoom call. Consider calling your internet provider to upgrade your internet service or looking into a boosting device for your internet. These devices don’t tend to cost an arm and a leg and allow you to feel confident your internet connection isn’t going to drop spontaneously when you need it most.

4.      Dress for success.  Have your children wear their uniforms to school or get dressed as if they were going to school.  Dressing the part helps them psychologically prepare for the day and gets them into the mindset of interacting with people, just as they would at school. Avoid jammies and sweats!

5.      Keep routine and structure. Your school may have a set time that requires you to log in, or it might be more flexible.  If it’s flexible, we recommend setting a start time and end time daily and staying consistent whenever possible. This will help your children feel the routine that school normally provides.

6.      Pack a lunch.  For working parents especially, it’s difficult to stop your day in the middle and make lunch.  A cute idea would be to pack your child’s lunch for them, just as you would if they were headed off to school.  For older children, they can do this themselves!  Consider packing it in a cute new lunch bag for added excitement.  Hey, it’s the little things!  Isn’t it? 

 Spark & Spark Lunch Box - Call A Firefighter (Blonde Boy)

Tips for In-Person Learning in 2020

1.      Keep health and safety top of mind.   Paramount to in-person learning and its success are healthy children and classrooms.  Continue to teach your kids to wash hands and to use sanitizer. Avoid touching, hugging, and even little things like sharing pencils/erasers.  Safety is #1.

2.      Wear a mask.  Whether it’s mandatory or not, we’re in the camp of wearing a mask! There are plenty of “cute” masks out there and child-sized ones available. Unfortunately, it does seem you have to try several options until you have found one that is sustainable for hours on end. But it’s worth it once you do. We’ve found that the disposable surgical masks are great for kids. They are light and breathable unlike some hand-made options which although they are cute, can be very stuffy and hot. Also, we suggest practicing wearing a mask for long periods of time before you go back to school. You may want to take a Saturday/Sunday before school starts and have them wear it for the day.  You want their teachers focused on their education, not reminding them to keep their masks on.

3.      Pack a lunch & snacks!  Many schools are doing away with the cafeteria to avoid large crowds of students, so packing a lunch is mandatory.  We think packing a lunch is more fun with cute water bottles, bags, and accessories.  Try some of these ideas to spruce things up! 

Boatman Geller - Personalized Water Bottles (Ballerina)

In whatever way you and your kids are going back to school this year, we think it also helps to splurge on some items to dress your desk.  Whether at home or at school, a stylish new personalized clipboard, or preppy personalized mousepad, will help get the job done but also lift spirits.  Little luxuries like these can make a big difference in your mood and your approach to getting work done.   We all need whatever we can get right now! So, choose things that bring you joy.   

We wish you luck as this unprecedented school year begins! Share your ideas, tips and tricks with us on our Facebook page.  We’d love to hear from you.


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