Friday, July 8, 2022

How to write a sincere thank you note

 Writing a thank you note from the heart is easy in theory but getting into it can be a totally different story. It can be daunting sometimes to think of the perfect words to say to someone important, especially when thanking them for their kindness. If you’re at a loss for words when it comes to writing a sincere and meaningful thank you note, follow these tips and tricks!

1.)   First and foremost, picking the perfect stationery is more important than you might realize! A solid thank you note is only as meaningful as its presentation, and that's not to say a simple thanks wouldn't do the trick, but for a real eye catch, it's always great to be prepared with a stack of thank you notes for every occasion! 


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2.)   Next up, when writing the actual letter, start off by keeping it simple, address them how you normally would whether it be “dear,” “to,” or just their name, and begin expressing what you’d like to thank them for. A good way to start this is by saying “Dear [name], I am so appreciative for what you did for me, and wanted to say thank you…”


3.)   After writing the base outline, begin expressing what you were able to accomplish because of their kind gesture. For instance, if they babysat for you with short notice, you could explain that because of that, you were able to attend the important event you needed to, or if they gifted you something, you could tell them what you did with the gift! Seeing firsthand what their kindness has done for you is a great way for them to feel appreciated. 


4.)   A small gift along with a note to say thank you is always a sure-fire way to get your point across as elegantly as possible!  Save this for big gestures and only when it feels appropriate. 

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5.)   If you’re feeling like you want to return the favor, you can always let them know that whenever you need them, your door is always open! Being there in return for someone can be such a solid reminder that they really do mean a lot to you. If they live further away from you, being a phone call away is also totally acceptable and more than appreciated. To ship a thank you gift to them, feel free to check out some shipping labels to help you. 


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6.)   Lastly, a great thank you note coming from the heart should simply come from your heart! Tell this person what they mean to you in an honest way and tell them how much they enrich your life on a daily basis! Every little word counts in a note, making yours full of love and admiration is guaranteed to be the perfect note. Even if you don’t feel like it's enough to thank them fully, having someone tell them how much they are loved can brighten someone's week in an instant.


Writing a sincere thank you note is the perfect way to express your appreciation towards someone who’s done something nice for you, so go forth and feel confident in your writing! It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be perfectly and authentically you. As long as you get your point across clearly and let them know they are appreciated, whatever you end up writing, they will love, because chances are, they love you! 



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