Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter is one of our favorite holidays.  After a long winter, Easter in the Spring just brings such promise! We love pastel colors, seeing the joy on our children's faces with all that candy, a delicious family brunch, and of course -- our annual egg hunt! 

If you are hosting an Easter Egg Hunt, be sure to check out ideas found here on Pinterest!  More Than Paper has a large selection of adorable Easter Egg Hunt invitations, perfect for setting the stage for your event.  Here's a look at some of our favorites!

Inviting Co. - Invitations (Easter Chicks) (1C-278P)

Inviting Co. - Invitations (Easter Kids) (1-2816P)

Noteworthy Collections - Digital Holiday Invitations (Hoppy Easter) (ID-402)

Chatsworth Robin Maguire - Invitations (Easter Eggs) (DS-16-528)

Noteworthy Collections - Digital Holiday Invitations (Easter Egg Fun Green) (ID-400)

Inviting Co. - Invitations (Sunny Easter) (1-2167P)

Noteworthy Collections - Digital Holiday Invitations (Easter Egg Fun Pink) (ID-401)

Inviting Co. - Invitations (Easter Placesetting) (1-2097P)

Which one is your favorite? We love them all! The colors, the eggs, the bunnies -- they're all so cute.  Stay tuned for more Easter Egg Hunt ideas this month.  Let us know which invitation is your favorite here or on our Facebook page

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