Monday, March 10, 2014

Summer Camp

The experience of sleep away summer camp as a child is unparalleled.  No place on earth is better at teaching independence, creating life long friendships, connecting with nature and the real world. At More Than Paper, we have had the fortunate experience of attending summer camp, and now we are sending our children.  Though it was difficult to send our "babies" off to camp the first summer, in our hearts we knew what a benefit and incredible opportunity we were giving them.   Here are 5 reasons why: 

  1. Camp is the place to make lifelong friendships.  To this day, we keep in touch with at least half of our bunk.  Bonded together in the wilderness, learning to cooperate, sharing responsibility, and becoming a unit in a bunk during critical early tween and teenage years does something for kids.  Now with modern technology, it's easier then ever to keep in touch with camp friends during the rest of the year. 
  2. Speaking of technology, it's a time to completely unplug. Most camps require campers to check their cell phones.  That means no texting, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine.... you get the point. Whether it's 2 weeks, 4 or 7, a ban on the tech is a chance for kids to get back to reality and to learn to socialize the old fashioned way - talking face to face! 
  3. Kids move!  At camp, your day is blocked out into chunks of activity.  From soccer to swimming, archery to the ropes course, kids are on the move.  No couch potatoes, video games or T.V. here! 
  4. For many city kids, camp is a quite respite. (We knew many New Yorkers who had trouble sleeping with the quiet the first few weeks. They missed the busy street noises!)  It also allows kids to truly explore nature and feel peace. 
  5. The independence and responsibility campers learn is incredible. Our parents told us we aged at least 2 years after our first summer.  Kids learn to trust their instincts, make good decisions, and build their character.   Children will learn to problem solve and that they are responsible for their actions.   These are lessons that cannot be taught in the same way by the parents.
More Than Paper believes that camp is more than just what you do during June, July or August.  Going to camp is an experience that molds kids and gives them lifelong skills.  

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