Sunday, April 18, 2021

Coaches Gifts

We can hardly believe it is April.  With spring break ahead of us, this month always seems to fly by.  Before we know it, it will be May and the end of the school year! We’re looking ahead to year-end gifts for coaches. Do you or your children acknowledge their sports coaches with a small token of your appreciation? 

Coaches can have a profound effect on a young person’s life. A good coach has the power to motivate, teach discipline, and shape how a child deals with losing and winning. We’ve seen some tremendous coaches in our children’s lives, and we’re grateful for those that volunteer their time and make an impact. 


Today we are sharing small gift ideas that you can buy for coaches.  The gesture doesn’t have to be grand.  Acknowledging your coaches can be done simply with a heartfelt, handwritten note.  (If you need some stationery, you know where to head to!) 


Beyond a note, here are some of our favorite gift ideas for coaches. 

Your child’s soccer coach will really see how much they are appreciated for all of their hard work with set of themed stationery. These notes are available in both green or blue and can be changed from our standard square corner to rounded corners if desired.

Prints Charming Note Cards/Stationery - Blue Stripe Soccer (Flat)

We are obsessed with all of the different sports options for our mugs including baseball, football, golf, and hockey. This unique gift for coaches is a great keepsake that they can use for many years to come. You can even personalize them by adding two lines of text with up to 15 characters per line. Fill with candy for added sweetness when gift giving!

Sports Mugs - Baseball

Does your child play multiple sports? These Sports Cute Collection Notepads are the perfect gift idea for coaches. Personalize the notepads to best match your needs by adding names, location, etc. These cute collection notepads will be the perfect necessity for your coach’s next season to help plan out plays.  Available as both a multi-sport pack or for a single sport.

Cute Collection Notepads by Donovan Designs - Sports

Cheers to the end of another successful cheerleading season! What greater way to celebrate your child’s amazing coach with personalized cheerleader thank you notes. Gift ideas like these pair best with a little gift as well to really show your appreciation. You can choose up to two ink colors and whether you want the thank you notes to have square or rounded corners. 

Prints Charming Note Cards/Stationery - Cheerleader (Flat)

In whatever way you decide to celebrate your child’s coaches, we always recommend the children thanking them in person as well to truly show how much they mean to them. They can mention:


1)    Their favorite memory from the season with their coach

2)    One play that really made both the child and coach happy 

3)    How the coach has improved their skills over the past season 

4)    How their coach has made an impact in their life 


Grab your favorite thank you cards, year-end gifts, and have your child thank their coach in person for all the wonderful things they have done over the past season to help them grow. 

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