Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Cyber Week: Dress Up Your Tech Device

Tech accessories are so hot right now and they make a perfect gift for a teen or adult for Christmas!  When you make an investment in an iPad, tablet, or computer, it's important to protect that investment.  Doing it in style makes your investment a bit more fun! During Cyber Week at More Than Paper, popular designs for your tech devices are 25% OFF.   These are guaranteed to arrive before Christmas!

iPad covers by Kelly Hughes Designs are 25% OFF.  We love the eco-friendly materials and huge selection of designs.   There's something for everyone and we love the modern take on personalizing and monogramming.

Kelly Hughes Designs - Personalized Tablet Cases (Navy Ikat) (tab950)

Preppy Boatman Geller designs to protect your laptop are also 25% OFF.  This nautical green design is just $30 (normally $40.) See all of our laptop sleeves on sale here.

Boatman Geller Laptop Sleeves - Nautical Knot Kelly (Preset) (TECH19+Case12-preset)

When you make an investment in your technology, it makes sense to protect it, doesn't it?  A personalized cover or case adds personality to your device AND ensures its longevity.  What's your favorite style?  Be sure to check out all of our tech accessories here.

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