Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Setting your table for Christmas

There are so many beautiful ways to entertain at Christmas.  We love when the china, crystal and silver that has been passed down from generation to generation come out and really sparkle. Whether you are hosting a few for Christmas dinner or many, creating a seating arrangement with place cards is a great way to ensure good conversation and organization.  

We created a simple place card setting using white card stock, red ink loaded in our PSA Essentials stamper, and a whimsy tree stamp from PSA Whimsy Tree Peel & Stick stamps

To create the place card setting, cut white card stock to 3" x 3" or choose a patterned paper or color card stock (any will do!)  Take your PSA Essentials stamper loaded with red ink and a whimsy tree, and stamp on the paper.  You can use any stamp or even a sticker, we have some cute ones in our Crafter's Corner, check out these great stickers!  

We placed an ornament on the plate for each person as a special gift/favor for the holidays! The Spode China mixed with classic Christmas plaid placemats, crystal, and antique silver make for a unique and eclectic holiday tablescape.  Each family has its own traditions and story at Christmas.  What's yours? 


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