Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Affordable Holiday Party Invitations

The month of December means one thing for your social calendar: it's holiday party time! More Than Paper has a great selection of chic invitations at really affordable prices. You'll find that ours are available for 10-20% off list price every day and you don't need any of those annoying promo codes. Here are some invitations that we are currently loving!

Candy cane martinis, anyone? We love the scripty font and block lettering here!
Checkerboard Holiday Invitations - Holiday Toast (HLG-HPN-T)

This handwritten script is so "en vogue" this season! 

Checkerboard Holiday Invitations - Laughter & Cheer (HLG-CPH-I)

There's that candy cane martini again! So festive and this one just screams "PARTY!" 

Boatman Geller Holiday Invitations - Candy Cane (19443)

We love the mix of casual and elegant in this invite! 

Prints Charming - Holiday Invitations (Merry Merry Holiday) (1182)

A bit more traditional, this card can be personalized as an invitation or a holiday card. 

Take Note Designs Digital Holiday Invitations/Greeting Cards - Christmas Cheer (TND-A2-97411)

This one can also be personalized as a holiday card or invitation and is more religious. 

Take Note Designs Digital Holiday Invitations/Greeting Cards - City of David Green (TND-A-97761)

This one is very stylish for 2014! 

Take Note Designs Digital Holiday Invitations/Greeting Cards - Most Wonderful Time Holiday (TND-A-97760)

Very whimsical typeface, this one is a welcome break from red and green! 

Take Note Designs Digital Holiday Invitations/Greeting Cards - Wishing You a Merry Christmas Snow (TND-A2-97420)

For the Nutcracker lovers, this clever invitation is really fabulous! 

Stacy Claire Boyd - Holiday Invitations (Mr. Nutcracker) (NA71001-10213)

So what's your favorite? Shop all of More Than Paper's holiday invitations here


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