Friday, December 5, 2014

Gifts for Men

Do you have a man in your life that's hard to buy for? Doesn't everyone? At More Than Paper, we strive to find a unique selection of gifts that will delight that hard to shop for man in your life. Today we are sharing a few gift ideas for men all found at More Than Paper!

For the football watching, beer drinking fan, try our selection of sports mugs!  For the golfer, this monogram golf shoe bag is a thoughtful and personalized gift.  Hang a collection of sports memorabilia on the walls of the man cave!  

For a more practical gift, choose from a wide selection of stationery for men and business. We love these bag tags, perfect for the frequent traveler or golfer.  And lastly, give the gift of grill accessories for the sports enthusiast with this JETS grill tool. (If only their season was a bit more impressive! Yet loyal fans are sure to appreciate this one.)  Other teams available too!

Looking for something special? Don't hesitate to emails us at  


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