Monday, December 1, 2014

Top 10 Gift Picks

With Thanksgiving behind us and it being the first of December, if you haven't already started thinking about your holiday gifts, today is a great time! More Than Paper is unveiling some of our favorite holiday gifts for the season. A personalized gift really shows the recipient that you took the time, thought and effort when making your gift selection. But more than personalized, these are quality gifts that will delight because they are truly special. (Doesn't hurt that they are priced well, too!)  Check out some of our favorites! 

So whether you are looking for monogram jewelry, something for the Chef, Entertainer, or Tech Accessories, More Than Paper has you covered!   Find these great products here: 
  1. Monogram Ring by Initial Reaction
  2. Monogram Necklace by Initial Reaction
  3. Dabney Lee Recipe Box printed by the Boatman Group
  4. Personalized Candle by Carved Solutions
  5. Personalized Soaps by Carved Solutions
  6. Monogram Drinkware and Entertaining Accessories  by Carved Solutions
  7. Personalized Bamboo Trays by Make An Impression
  8. iPad Case by Boatman Geller
  9. iPhone Case by Boatman Geller
Happy Holiday Shopping from More Than Paper!


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