Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas Tablescapes

With Christmas less than a week away, those that celebrate the holiday are in a frenzy everywhere! In addition to doing the shopping and spreading holiday cheer, many families also host elaborate dinner parties for family and friends around this time. Are you one of them?  How do you decorate your table for Christmas dinner parties? 

We rounded up some of our favorite ideas on the web for decorating your Christmas dinner table. From formal and fancy, colorful and whimsical, traditional and modern, there are ideas for everyone here. Be sure to hop on over to these blogs to learn more and watch tutorials. We've paired each tablescape with a coordinating invitation found at More Than Paper

 Paper So Pretty - Invitations (Wild Christmas Cocktails)

Paper So Pretty - Invitations (Red and White Bow on Swirls)

William Arthur Holiday Invitations - Scarlet and Gold Round Cornered (#28-106484)

Blue Mug Designs - Santa Hat

Tell us your plans to decorate here or on our Facebook page and share your favorite ideas! Merry Christmas from More Than Paper!


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